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Good Chocolate Store, Middlesex/Monmouth County

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good chocolate store for Valentines day? I know of David Bradley on 9 in Manalapan and there is a Godiva in The Freehold mall but was hoping to find something different. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good timely post. Is David Bradley's stuff any good? Wegmans used to carry wonderful chocolates by Pierre Herme around Valentine's Day, but I think its been a couple of years since they last did so. I too will be interested in the responses.

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      D.B. has great chocolate covered pretzels, thin salty pretzels enrobed in dark or milk chocolate. Their truffles are just OK. Some Wegman's carry chocaltes and truffles made on site, unfortunatley ours doesn't.

    2. Hey Angelo

      Well Ive got the place for you. Suzi's Sweet Shoppe on Rte 35 in Middletown. Its just across the highway from Pathmark and next to Blockbuster. I just got back from there. They have some realy really nice chocolates and I liked the packaging alot. Pricey but you get what you pay for and its not cookie cutter like godiva. I believe the one pound heart box I got was about 32-34 bucks and I hand picked all the chocolates. The heart box was then put in a square gift box and tied with a red bow. Very very nice. Now for the chocolates...really good. The dark is super fine and biting while the milk is soulful and comforting. I also sampled (and bought) the creamy butter fudge. I got the peanut butter chocolate. And for all the sugar sensitive folks they had a nice selection of sugarfree choices as well! It was my first trip there but I know I'll be back

      1100 Highway 35
      Middletown NJ 07748
      732 796 0115

      They have a website too!

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        I agree about Suzi's in Middletown. Good candy and a very nice place to shop. In addition to her homemade candy and fudge, she has lots of cute and usual packaged candy.

        I also like Criterion in Eatontown. Old-fashioned style candy.

        Criterion Chocolates
        125 Lewis St, Eatontown, NJ

        Suzi's Sweet Shop
        1100 State Route 35, Middletown, NJ

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          TY, I think I will try Suzie's, it fits in better with my daily travels. BTW Suzi's is open until 7 and on Friday and Saturday will be open until at least 8.

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            Yeah Val I agree, I picked my daughter up a big chocolate heart lollipop and a chocolate covered krispie treat! I havent been to Criterion in years...But I remember it being in Asbury Park? Years ago in either Belmar or Manasquan on Rte 35 was a shoppe called Miller's. They had the best chocolate covered caramels. My father worked with Mr Miller who was a senior then and Im sure has passed...oh the memories.

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              THanks again, this saves me a trip to Andrew and Alan's in Staten Island. Saving the toll means more chocolate for my wife and she shares. Woo Hoo

        2. My mom really likes this place in Spring Lake. She's got quite a sweet tooth, and she buys all of the holiday candies here:
          Jean Louise Homemade Candies

          1. Thomas Sweets is pretty good too.

            1. Chocolate Alley on Avenel Street in Avenel - just off St George Ave .

              Good selection and they even have my old favorite Parlays !

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                Arpad...they sell Parlays? Are they the Parlays that I remember from Lofts in my childhood years? I've been looking for Parlays for over 30 years and you are the first to mention them.

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                  Yes very much like the originals .
                  Do you know the Woodbridge area ? Chocolate Alley is just off St Georges Ave - Rte 27 - north of Rte 1 . Going north from Rte 1 turn right on Avenel St and you will see a mini mall just a little ways in on your right - thats the place . They're only open weekdays .

              2. Angelo - see my recent post for Pierre Chocolat. This place is worth the trip

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                  My wife loved the chocolates. The green tea truffle was bizzare but excellent. This was exactly what I was looking for. The smell of the chocolate is sensory overload. It smells so good, you can tell that it is high quality chocolate. Thanks for the tip.

                2. This is definitely different. The Restaurant Guys, who own and operate Stage Left and Catherine Lombardi in New Brunswick, sell chocolates on-line. However, you can order and then pick up your chocolates at either restaurant. If you go this route, make sure you can get your chocolates by V-Day.


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                    And I must say, I've had a few boxes of it, and it is awesome. Well worth it. I picked up a couple of boxes for my co-workers for x-mas and the enjoyed as well.

                    The Diablo -Spicy one is great, as well as the elderflower. My two favorites.

                  2. red bank chocolate shoppe on white street ain't bad

                    1. Thomas Sweets in New Brunswick- fresh choc covered strawberries and "melt-aways" are the best!

                      1. Try the Caramel Shoppe on Highway 35 in Ocean Township- been there for years and years and they have all sorts of great chocolates- The truffles are the best!!!!

                        1. The Wine Cellar, 23 Monmouth St, in Red Bank is offering a rather unique Valentine Gift . Turns out, this is something that The Wine Cellar offers regularly, but is promoting it as a Valentine's Day gift. For $29.95 you would buy your sweetheart a bottle of wine, which is wrapped in plastic wrap and dipped in delicious chocolate, then wrapped in cellophane for giving. When ready to enjoy, the chocolate breaks into bite-sized pieces as you unwrap the bottle. Wine and chocolate...yummy. For more info, the stores number is 732-219-9935.

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                            That is really cool. Being that I'm the wine aficinado, it would be more of a gift for me.

                            I think I decided on Pierre Chocolat. I am favoriting this thread, as I'd like to visit all the places mentioned. I'll be sure to report back how she liked the chocolates

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                              angelo04, since they offer the wine bottle dipped in chocolate year round.....drop a hint or two :)

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                                just got back from Pierre Chocolat... unbelievably good.. must-go chocolate shopping

                            2. Hi, sorry I missed your valentines day post but try West End Confection Co in Morganville NJ. http://westendconfectionco.com