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Feb 11, 2009 08:07 AM

Best sit-down pizza place in Midtown

I'm going to see the Will Ferrell show today at a theater on 48th and 7th and would like to get some pizza beforehand. Can anyone recommend a sit down restaurant with good pizza in the area? I've been to John's for a work lunch and the pizza was ok but the atmosphere was much too loud and crazy.

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  1. Angelo's, right under the Late Show's marquee at 54th & Broadway, has great pizza for midtown, and it's quieter, more spacious and laid-back than most places within 10 blocks.

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      angelo's is so damn good...i put it right under difara's and artichoke's square question about it.

      get the garlic and sausage pizza.

    2. John's has a branch somewhere in the 40s west of B'way.

      1. Naples 45 behind the met life building.