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Feb 11, 2009 08:06 AM

Delicious Brunch at Get Fresh

I haven't seen any posts about it, so I wanted to let people know that brunch at Get Fresh ( is terrific.

The room is whitewashed and has large windows at the back, so it was light, bright, and warm on a cold afternoon. There are banquettes and the staff let us linger a really long time (there's free WiFi too). I had a breakfast burrito with braised pork that I'm still thinking about, it was so well prepared and not too salty, which you find all too often at restaurants.

Best thing was the countless refills of Stumptown coffee....yum, yum. Give this place a try. They have two options for Valentine's Day, eating in or getting a prepared meal to take home. If you want the take-home option you need to order by 2/12.

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  1. Just had a really disappointing brunch at Get Fresh. Nice space, great service, but the brunch items were so stingy it made me downright blue. And and an egg sandwich was further marred by being cooked over-hard instead of over-easy. Too bad -- I had heard good things. But there are too many other great brunch options nearby where they get the eggs & the portions right (and I'm not someone who wants a trough of food on my brunch plate -- I just don't want to leave hungry).

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      You must not have had Dhira as your server, or Jillian or Ryan or Rebecca! They rock. They know me by name when I walk in. I swear they act like they own this place. When I've had a problem- they're on it- quick! I've even seen the chef deliver food personally and made sure everyone is happy! But, if you're eggs are overcooked, then they're overcooked. Next time say something- they will make it right

      1. re: slope222

        I just got back from having that egg sandwich at Get Fresh and I agree, next time I'll ask for the eggs over easy. I think the menu may have noted "over medium" but I didn't stop to consider I may prefer them less cooked. That said, I still thought the sandwich was excellent. If you like really sweet brioche bread, this is your sandwich!! Hubby also liked his meat sandwich, they have awesome bread. Atmosphere is light and bright, food was piping hot, and there is a baby changing table in the bathroom!!