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Feb 11, 2009 07:46 AM

DOM restaurant-Sao Paulo Brazil

I will be in Sao Paulo for one day and one night. I know there are some wonderful restaurants but it seems as if DOM is the place to try. I read a recent post about Sao Paulo restaurants with some great suggestions, but was wondering if there were any other opinions about DOM.
Visiting Mercado Munipal is on the list as well, anything else that should not be missed given the one day I'll have.

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  1. The Mercado Municipal is a must, the pastel de bacalhau and the mortadela sandwich at Hocca Bar and Bar do Mane respectively.

    DOM would be the place to try for what?It is a popular place to drop serious coin for cutting edge cooking, but is it good? I wouldn't waste my time with that place given the overwhelming amount of excellent restaurants available.You have regional Brazilian cuisines to explore(Minas,Bahia,Nordeste), traditional paulista food, national cuisine,por kilo,churrascarias, and amazing Italian food.I would put these experiences above expensive fusion.DOM is for the expense account crowd in Sampa, but not a place of substance. If you want to splurge I would try Rissoteria Alessandro Segato or Rodeio, even A Figueira for the beautiful setting.

    Brasil a Gosto would be a great start.Colher de Pau, Tordesilhas, Amadeus, A Mineira, etc.What a great city for eating, Sao Paulo.Go to the many botecos(bars) to look for local fare and scene.

    1. I only went to DOM once and a while ago (2004) but I had a wonderful meal. Chef Alex Atala is very creative and the room is beautiful (although a bit dark for me, more similar to NYC restaurants than to what we in general have in Brazil). It's definetely worth a visit, but it is expensive and if you only have one place to go that wouldn't be my pick.

      Brasil a Gosto is wonderful and a more unique Brazilian experience. I also like Carlota very much (great food and wonderful desserts, try the soufle de goiabada (guava paste) or the petit-gateau the doce-de-leite). Both Brazil a Gosto and Carlota have tradicional Brazilian food with nouvelle cuisine techniques, so does DOM, but I like the other two better.
      If you want to go for a splurge Fasano is wonderful. It's considered the best Italian in Sao Paulo, I only went there once but it was an amazing meal.

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        Love Fasano and Massimo, but they are definitely a splurge.How about Risotteria Alessandro Segato?

      2. I ate at D.O.M. on July 6, 2009. The wine list is the best I've seen in South America. There is a terrific selection of wines from South America, but also from France, especially from Burgundy. The food was quite good (read: not spectacular), but extremely expensive. My girlfriend and I each ordered an appetizer and a main course. Our food alone was nearly $200 (that's dollars not reais). Enjoyed with a very nice Vosne-Romanee our bill was over $500.

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          Good food at $200USD=waste of time

          Next time, buy a great bottle of wine and go to Mocoto, or Brasil a Gosto.

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            I don't think it was a waste of time, and I'll probably go back when I'm in Sao Paulo. I've been to Brasil a Gosto, and thought that it was also good, but not great (read: I think DOM is superior, but more expensive). I agree with you that Figueira is a beautiful setting, also the service is terrific and the food is good.

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              $200 for a great meal is no waste of time, French Laundry, Alinea, Komi and many other restaurants surprise with the value that they bring in terms of ingredients, presentation and originality. However DOM falls short for that price tag and for me this was its undoing. The food was good, but not great and the service was well intentioned, but awkward. We choose the tasting menu and were a little disappointed. Perhaps an off night, but it did not live up to the hype.

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              Atala is one of the top in world. I worked in a 3 star michelin restaurant and even there Atala was recognized. Most 3 stars are way over 200 bucks per person.