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Feb 11, 2009 07:44 AM

Good Eats Near Escondido

My family & I will be staying a week near Escondido in March. I expect we will be venturing to San Diego a couple of times. I am looking for places to eat. We will have a car so getting someplace is not a problem. We don't want anything too expensive and will have 2 kids with us. Seafood, steaks, burgers, sandwichs, mexican, indian....really any kind of food. We like finding new places and trying new types of food. Thanks

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  1. You've come to the right place. A search of this board with the term Escondido should yield quite a few results.

    But first a question, where are you going to be exactly? "Near Escondido" has many connotations. There are many good places to eat north, south, and west and in Escondido. How far are you willing to drive with the kids?

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      I have been reading some of the threads. Wow, alot of info. We will be staying at the Welk Resorts. We're willing to drive quite aways. Up to 40-50 miles. I've never been anywhere near there so not sure how far away the towns are. Where I live, I'm easily 40 miles from the nearest town, with nothing in between, so driving isn't a problem.
      Oh and if there are any markets,a rec would be great. We'll have a kitchen available so I can cook also.

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        A forty mile drive from the Welk Resorts will take you all the way to San Diego to the South and less than that to the west will put you on the coast. You can use the search terms Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas. There are many places to choose from; from haute cuisine to taco shops and many different ethnic cuisines.

        One of my favorite places is a small place call Cenote Grill in Escondido. Grand Avenue in Escondido has many good to great eateries, depending on your budget.

    2. There's lots of good Mexican food. Tons of it. The swap meet is always fun, and you can get good food there. Also, there are several panaderias in town. If you go to the one at the corner of Valley and Rose (behine Walgreens) in the morning, you can get the pastries that have just come out of the oven. Kennedy's Karne on Valley is great, and the have a small deli where you can get a nice meal. The guy who runs he place is awesome, and very passionate about his food. Chicken Plus on Mission has nice Greek food.

      1. Lots of great places in Escondido/ San Marcos... Chicken plus does have some great rotiserrie chicken; not sure where you're coming from, but if you haven't, you should try a fish taco - may get yelled at for recommending a chain, but rubio's is good and worth a try.

        Take your kids to the donut corner on 9th and escondido, it's an institution and a treat for everyone. Regarding markets, Henry's is good for produce, and a healthier organic take on the rest - good selection of wines and beers as well, and you may want to explore El Tigre, a Mexican grocery chain that has an extensive selection of Latin ingredients you may not find outside of southern ca- and they have a great tres leches cake. Get a bag of Masa flour and a tortilla press there and try making your own...

        Get some sub sandwiches at Agrussa's on Valley Parkway, and while you're in Escondido, take your kids to 100 -acre Kit Carson Park and checkout Queen Califia's Magic Circle (Bear Valley Parkway & Mary Lane) link- Very cool and my son loves wandering around and climbing all over it.

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          El Tigre has been Northgate Gonzalez for some time now. It's actually quite improved; the pan dulce is excellent now.
          Second a visit to Queen Califia's at Kit Carson. Also check out Grape Day Park for cool climbing sculptures. It's a two-block walk from the Northgate Gonzalez store.

        2. For a nicer (but still casual), farm-to-table dinner, try Stone World Bistro & Gardens - can get a tour of the Stone facility if you'd like and there's lots of room for kids to run around in the garden area. In nearby Rancho Bernardo, there's a good Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hoacali which is right off the 15 and Bernardo Center Drive.

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            I agree that Pho Hoa Cali is the best Vietnamese north of Mira Mesa, but I've also been enjoying the new Saigon Noodles (?) at the Target shopping center in Escondido. Their rent is high, so they probably won't last long, but I've enjoyed the crepes several times, and my friend's lemongrass tofu was great.