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Feb 11, 2009 07:43 AM

One Dinner in San Diego?

Looking for a great place to have our one dinner in San Diego. 2 young kids, and vegetarian options. We'll be downtown and will have a car. Thanks!!

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  1. Need more parameters.

    Type of cuisine?

    Price range?

    Looking for something "San Diego"? etc

    1. With two young kids, I too have children. I might recommend the Fishmarket, they have great window seats and they have a good selection for children. If you would like to go a little upscale, I would recommend Roys, which is located at the Marriot downtown at the Harbor. We have dined at Roys with our children and they are extremely receptive to young people. The childrens menu is 4 courses:

      sliced apples and carrots
      The pace of the childrens food keeps up with the parents very well. Their childrens menu has some great items.