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Feb 11, 2009 07:40 AM

DC High Tea (or just tea) for a mom and little girl

I'll be in DC this weekend and have all of my requisites covered (Corduroy, Proof, CityZen, Vace for Pizza)...but I am bringing my 6 year old and, as a New Yorker, need to find a very good tea that has great atmosphere.

Any Hounds have an idea? I'm sure some of the hotels might, but I really want terrific desserts and lovely sandwiches!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Mayflower Hotel actually has one of the nicer teas in town. (Also wanted to confirm you know that Vace is takeout only).

    Teaism is a great tea (and Asian-inspired food) place, and the location near the Navy Memorial (8th St) has a small koi pond in the bottom floor, which is usually popular with the younger crowd. But, other than the koi pond, the atmosphere isn't that great, and I think their "high tea" isn't as nice as the Mayflower's (I think they offer a European version and an Asian version though).

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      Thanks, Doh. I used to live in DC, but it's been 10 years. Sigh...Vace is my favorite pizza outside of New York. I was 9 months pregnant, standing on the street eating it! I love Teaism - is it still in DuPont? Are there 2? Wow! There's a koi pond in the other one? That's a must do for me. I think for a little girl looking for the "Madeleine" experience, I should probably take her to the Mayflower, no?

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        I think there's actually three Teaisms now (one in Dupont, one right behind the Navy Memorial across from Cafe Atlantico, and one by the White House). The koi pond in the Navy Mem'l site isn't huge, but it's big enough for half a dozen fish and I know it made an impression on my little one.

        My best suggestion for the "Madeleine experience" is the Mayflower (but perhaps someone else will have another suggestion).

    2. The afternoon tea at The Willard is great!

      1. If you can get to a Ritz Carlton, they have a special tea for children that's perfect. It comes with finger sandwiches, little cakes and a pot of hot chocolate. Depending on the location, they have different themes, too.

        1. I arranged a baby shower / high tea at Mandarin Oriental recently. It was really lovely, although oddly, short on sandwiches. There were however, about two dozen desserts to choose from. Price was ~ $32/person.

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            I had tea at the Mandarin last Sunday. I thought it was very good. I'd describe the quality of the desserts as a step above the Bellagio Buffet in Las Vegas. I agree they are short on sandwiches, but what they had were pretty good. Price for all you can eat seemed like a good value to us. I strongly suggest making a reservation.

          2. The Hay-Adams has a great tea... with the bonus of it being a place where Malia and Sasha Obama have spent the night!

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              I second the Willard. They do a wonderful tea daily.

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                I used to work at the Hay-Adams! I checked their website and I don't know if they do tea anymore. Anchor, when was it? Of course, I could just call.

                @ktracy and mmuskier - dear friend is head of PR at Mandarin - will also try!