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Feb 11, 2009 07:36 AM

Taylor Gourmet?

One of my co-workers mentioned that he'd seen a new market on H Street NE, called Taylor Gourmet. Is it worth the trek from the Virginia suburbs? He thought it might compete with The Italian Store in Arlington.


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  1. I've heard fantastic things about their hoagies and arancini, but I haven't been able to get there myself. Supposedly they get their hoagie rolls from Sarconi's in Philly!

    1. If you're in the area Taylor's is definitely worth a stop. They are great sandwiches. Nice variety and the prices for the large are very reasonable. That being said, they are no Italian Store.

      If you feel like taking a trip into DC for good Italian Deli Literri's off of Florida is a better trip.

      1. Taylor's is attractive and I've heard that their food is good. I've been in to check it out and their groceries, dry goods, etc. are very limited.
        Taylor is no competition for The Italian Store but then the Italian Store isn't any competition for Litteri's, IMHO.
        Litteri's is a direct importer and their prices are hard to beat on most items including wine, pasta and olive oil; they make their own sausage; and they've got a broader selection of price points on most things than any other place in town.

        So you might want to head to Capital Hill to check out the variety.
        Within about one mile or two of each other:
        Mangialardo's is open weekdays until 3 PM.
        Canales in Eastern Market has bresaola which is kind of hard to find, as well as excellent fresh pasta, ravioli and gnocchi. There are two cheese shops with some unusual cheeses.
        Eastern Market is also a good source for rabbit, duck, capon, other types of game, branzino, and other goodies for your Italian cooking.
        Litteri's is a treasure trove.
        And then Taylor of course.
        If you go on Saturday morning, Catania Italian Bakery sells to retail customers - Sat. AM only - from their bakery on North Capitol Street. They supply many of the Italian restaurants in town. They do croissant on Sat. because the current owners are French.

        1. These guys really do a nice job, and sometimes I find myself craving their 9th st. It is the best bread that I have found in DC worth a trip.

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            I didn't try their sandwiches. Truthfully, nothing really grabbed me - maybe since I'm not a Philly girl. I'm more likely to head up to Horace and Dickie's since I'm an old neighborhood type. I do love Philadelphia Water Ice's cheesesteaks (Amoroso's rolls) so maybe that's a gateway sandwich. I do intend to go back.
            The place is so attractive and a wonderful addition to H Street. The weather was great and having the entire front of the store open to the street is terrific.
            But as far as comparing to The Italian Store or Litteri's? Nah. Taylor has a very limited selection of groceries and wine.
            The bread isn't for sale like at other stores. Only used in sandwiches as far as I could see.
            I'll try the 9th Street on your rec.

          2. apparently they deliver around the Hill - they have at least one devoted customer working at a store on 8th and E SE (Chat's) with a delivery menu on the counter who was quite in favor the other day. (I haven't tried yet myself).