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Feb 11, 2009 07:32 AM

awful awful awful dinner at l'absinthe

ok so i had heard that l'absinthe was extending their RW menu (actually at the bargain price of $30.06) so my three friends and i went last nite...huge mistake.
at first our server was all smiles...until we realized that the special menu was not included with the regular menu. the second we asked for the RW everthing changes. He handed them to us and took our orders with serious attitude.
the food was terrible--(appetizers had three choices: pate, fish soup, salad and something else, main course: pike in lobster broth, hanger steak, pizette, and some other fish, dessert: madelaines, profiteroles, orange creme, and mango tartin)
I had the soup (ok at best) and the hanger steak (not bad but i think the mashed potatos were from a box) and the mago tartin (so awful i couldnt eat it)
But that was fine, i dont hold the server responsible for the menu. But he was so rude with us---basically throwing the dishes on the table, sneering at us when he asked if we wanted more wine.....and if he was that way with all his tables, again, i would excuse it. But we saw him at the other tables, where diners were ordering off the regular menu, and he was a different person. He was joking with them, explaining the dishes, bringing them bread and butter before the meal (we had to ask, and then had to ask again for butter !)
It was just awful, awful, awful (see subject of post). Im so disappointed Im actually thinking about calling and speaking with the manager. Which I have never done.
I get that he was expecting to make more from a bigger bill, but honestly we wanted to check this place out, and if we liked it we would have come again and ordered from the regular menu. We had a great RW experience at the Modern (bar room), and I would happily pay normal prices to eat there again. It was a nite and day difference.
Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to warn anyone else who wanted to take advantage of their special...dont.

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  1. thanks for the report.

    You would think the server would be extra nice figuring - if you like him - you will give a great tip since you got a bargain for the meal!

    I'm also disappointed the food wasn't so great.

    1. Totally inexcusable.

      That guy should be fired.

      People should be treated the same whether they are ordering $300 worth of food and wine, or just a simple meal with water.

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      1. re: Amidahidan

        And in what industry do you see people being treated the same regardless of how much they can, or are willing to spend?

      2. Thanks for the feedback. I would be interested in learning of others' experiences to determine if this is a pattern there. I, too, was attracted by this special menu and had been thinking of going.

        I would defintely call and talk to the manager. At the very least he should know this server is losing business for them and you will feel better for having vented.

        Other reviews, please, from those who have gone.

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        1. re: City Kid

          I've never had a problem with service there. Even when guests at my table just ordered burgers with no appetizers (certainly less costly than the RW week menu) our waiter was nothing short of excellent.

        2. I've been and never had a problem and my parents have gone a few times and always had a good experience. I would totally call the manager and complain. Not acceptable.

          1. I dont get why he would care when he's still getting a tip?

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            1. re: italianagambino

              Because cheaper dinner usually means much less tip...although when it is a special promotional menu, and far less than the usual, it's much nicer not to stick to the usual 15-20%.