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Feb 11, 2009 07:12 AM

Substitutes for Wegmans Ingredients

I love Wegmans recipes, but getting to their stores (closest one is 25 miles) to get my hands on some of the presumably exclusive, unique ingredients isn't always easy.

Tonight I need to find reasonable substitutions for two items:

Pan-searing flour
Basting oil

Suggestions greatly appreciated. TIA.

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  1. Their products are not unique. They are maybe exclusive simply because nobody else bothers with producing such simple things and then charging customers an increased price for them.

    Pan searing flour = flour with salt and pepper in it.

    Basting oil = flavored oil.

    Why you would need to go to a Wegman's or frankly any other store for these items is beyond me. Here's an epiphany: Buy some flour. Buy some salt. Buy some white pepper. Mix. There you go, you have pan searing flour.

    Want some "basting oil"? Why not just buy any other brand of mixed, flavored oil? Or again... epiphany #2. Buy some dried herbs. Buy some oil. Mix. There you go, you now have some "basting oil" at fractions of the cost and you control the quality of all ingredients.

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      1. re: HaagenDazs

        Thanks. I realize the products aren't unique or exclusive, just wasn't sure what's actually in them.

        1. re: tubman

          I'm quite positive the ingredients are on the box/container. It's the law. Aside from that, they are online too.

          In fact, after looking again at the picture of the container online the ingredients are right on the FRONT on the item.

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            No need to be so rude. This are legitimate questions to ask if you don't know the answer or aren't a foodie.

      2. Here are links to the ingredients. The basting oil calls for garlic oil extract. If you substitute fresh garlic, remember not to keep it too long. Good luck!

        1. Back before Wegmans became WEGMANS (when it was still a local supermarket) they published the recipe for basting oil on their website. Whether it's the same stuff they have bottled or not, I couldn't say (I've never bought it), but I have the recipe I printed in 2004:

          Basting Oil

          1/2 c. olive oil
          1 large clove garlic, minced
          2 tsp. fresh chopped parsley
          1/2 tsp. fresh chopped thyme

          Combine and use immediately.

          Hope that helps.

          1. Tubman, I had the same thoughts. Actually the blend is different from what others have posted. The oil is a mix of Grapeseed Oil and Canola Oil, with a herb blend of garlic, thyme and parsley. Usually salt and pepper are added in the individual recipe. I tried the same recipes using just canola for the basting oil and it doesn't taste the same. Wegmans is great because their chefs find a great blend of ingredients. As consumers, we can buy the finished product at a premium cost, or buy the ingredients and combne them ourselves.

            My experience with the pan searing flour is that it is finer than regular flour...but I have no source/proof/backup...just an observation.

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            1. re: MargeM

              The flour in Wegmans pan searing flour is the same as Wondra flour. Wondra is a bit less expensive and it is different than all purpose flour.