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Feb 11, 2009 06:36 AM

The Melting Pot Fondue... [Moved from Midwest Board]

My boyfriend made reservations for valentines day at The Melting Pot. I have heard it can be a fairly dressy affair... but do not want to overdress (Oh! The horror!). Any tips, suggestions for the overall experience at The Melting Pot?

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  1. Is this the Melting Pot in Madison, WI? Is it a "local" establishment, or part of the melting pot chain? There are a lot of posts about the melting pot chain on the chains board:


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      It IS The Melting Pot in Madison, WI...and yes, part of the chain. Thank you for the link. Any other tips?

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        My tip is to go somewhere else. Seriously, you don't need to get dressed up, just because it's expensive. My kids and wife like it, but I don't get spending big dollars for mediocre food that you have to cook yourself.

    2. To answer your original's dressy casual. Wear some nice jeans and high heels or something like that and you'll be fine. It's not like Mortons, Ruth's Chris, etc. The food isn't that bad, think of it as an experience. It's nice that your boyfriend thought enough to make the reservations at somewhere he may think is romantic.

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        Pricey for what you get but a nice experience and fun. I enjoyed it. The food was good not great but enjoyable. Yes go hungry, We split or I think they had a combo for 2 which was nice. We got some appetizer cheese, the main course and then the desert which was fun. I wore a simple plain not fancy black dress. Simple but I could also go to work in. Is is casual dress. Relaxing. Enjoy the time and take your time.

        Yea could probably make it at home cheaper, but it is the idea and the experience and just the fun of going out. Enjoy it, I did.

      2. Make sure you go hungry, b/c it's definitely filling and oftentimes, we don't have room for dessert. That said, you might consider skipping the salad course (which I've found to be meh) and not eat the bread w/cheese (go w/the veggies).

        It is a bit pricey, but the atmosphere is conducive to conversation and a long meal. Here in OC, we dress casually to dine @ the MP. While the food is good (but not great), you'll enjoy the evening!

        1. Melting Pot is by far the worst restaurant in America. you could probably go to the fanciest restaurant in your town for cheaper. the food is terrible. you cook your own meat in one of four broths and have to judge the cooking time yourself making it impossible to do several at once. and they arent even good when they come out!m please go somewhere else for dinner and if you must, the melting pot for dessert. that is passable with the different chocolate combinations

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            Worst restaurant in America? Seriously? Obviously you cook your own food. That is the point of a fondue restaurant.

            Yes, it is a little on the pricey side but most people who go there go for the overall experience. I have been there numerous times and have been quite satisfied. Is it the best meal I ever had? Not by a long shot. But it is still a fun place to eat that allows you to take your time and enjoy each others company.

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              I've had fondue in Switzerland and the process is no different. And it *is* the process (of cooking your own food) that is the appeal of fondue. Just b/c you can't cook (or don't like to or don't know how, whatever the case is) doesn't make it the worst restaurant in America.

            2. I'll echo what others have said here - the Melting Pot isn't the most amazing food I've ever had, but I *will* say that I've had some of the most enjoyable and romantic meals of my life there. The length of the meal is very conducive to lots of good wine and conversation, and the novelty factor of the fondue also gives you a lot to talk about.

              Props to your boyfriend for making nice V-day plans! And I agree with grouper - nice jeans and heels with a cute top should be just fine there.