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Feb 11, 2009 05:55 AM

3030 Ocean and Cero in Lauderdale?

We'll be staying at the Marriott Harbor Beach resort in March for a long weekend and won't have a car. Just wondering what everyone thinks of 3030 Ocean which is right at the resort. I'm also wondering if Cero in the Ritz Carlton is in walking distance and if anyone wants to give a report on there as well.

Any other suggestions within walking distance of the Harbor Beach would also be welcome.



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  1. You'd be talking about a mile walk between the two. I have not yet made it to Cero, but believe everything I heard was positive.

    As for 3030 Ocean, the food is not shockingly original, but they have great food, nice bar and a rather comprehensive and well regarded wine list. The ambiance is nice casual which can at times lean towards an older crowd but I have had a very nice experience every time I dined at the restaurant.

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      I've never had a bad meal at 3030 - the foods is always extremely fresh, always tasty and the service is always good. Almost every other meal you will have on Fort Lauderdale beach will be inferior - possibly with the exception of Cero, which I hear is very good but I haven't tried.

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        I'm going to try 3030 and Cero and report back here by the end of the month. I'll be in Lauderdale next week and looking forward to some good eats!

    2. The original chef from Cero is no longer there. I had a few very good meals there before he left but have not been back in several months.

      Agree with Icantread/tlubow regarding 3030

      I would also consider Valentino's. It's a short cab ride from hotel and serves very good Italian.

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        I strongly agree with the recommendation for Valentino's. While going there would necessitate a short cab ride, it is an excellent restaurant with terrific food and a friendly staff. The menu is diverse and almost every dish I have tried there was meticulously prepared. If you decide on this one, it is small so you would need to reserve ahead.