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china pearl- quincy

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Has anyone else run into bad service and food at china pearl in quincy lately? We usually go for dim sum on the weekends. The last 3 trips involved 20-30 mins of circling to find a parking spot (and we usually park way way way in the back), the most horrible customer service and the food wasn't even that good. one time we were given a number and then we waited and waited. They started seating people as soon as they walked in (they were coming in for dim sum too). My husband spoke to the host in Cantonese and explained that we had a number why weren't they calling numbers? She brought the manager over and explained that they were taking walk-ins before the people that were waiting. The guy insisted we still had to wait. So about 5-6 more families walked in and were seated. The host again pulled the manager aside and said "what are you doing? these people have been waiting". The manager started yelling at my husband in cantonese not actually sure what was said but it didn't sound nice. We finally got a table. The next time we went the waiter started clearing the table before we had finished. My husband tried to explain in cantonese that we were not done and asked him to wait. Instead of waiting the guy asked if we were done with each individual plate. My husband then said "just wait 2 minutes, let us box up the leftovers, we are leaving". He kept clearing the table and then dumped two cups of tea onto my husband's lap and broke a cup. He never said sorry and just walked away. The steamed food has been soggy and just not that great. The ladies on the carts were so nice each time and always went to find what the kids were looking for.
I am wondering if there are just too many customers on the weekend? Its been chaos, rushed and really bad service the last few months.

(though the last few trips to southern garden in the same plaza have been great and of course pho yuen don is great as always)

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  1. Sorry to hear your bad experience.

    We have been going to China Pearl in Quincy since the last few months but we do not receive bad services or have bad food. Services in Chinese restuarants are usually nothing to write home about but I don't believe they are exceptional worse than others.

    But there is a point to note that we always get there before 9:30. When we were there last Sunday, we noticed that there were so many waiters, waitress and busboys and wondered that they might get real busy later of day. I guess what you report confirmed that.

    Go early if you can. If not, don't give them business anymore.

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      I'm just just curious. Do they charge for tea there?