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Feb 11, 2009 05:46 AM

best breakfast in dc

looking for a place to have breakfast on sunday morning after a weekend of meetings for a business trip in mid march. not necessarily fancy. i like both ends of the spectrum from fine dining to dives. thanks for any suggestions. oh, and i hate waiting forever!!!

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  1. This past Sunday I had a great brunch at Belga Cafe in Eastern Market. My oeufs coccotte with chorizo was very good, as were my friends liege waffles, and decent Bloody Marys. You should make a reservation (they are on Open Table), and that will avoid the waiting issue. Service was brisk even though the place was packed. Also, I found the prices reasonable for the area, about $10 breakfast entrees.

    1. Market Lunch. Bluebucks and the Brick sandwich. Or Pete's Diner by the Library of Congress. Good, greasy, fast, and cheap.

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        I recently tried the Market Lunch bluebucks & bacon-and they are SOOO good!

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          But they don't serve breakfast on Sundays (unless that's changed recently).

          I really like Sunday brunch at Cashion's, fyi, and it has very good service. Don't know that it's the best, though.

        2. The best breakfast in DC on a sunday is DEFINITELY at The O Street Mansion. It is definitely on the high end of the spectrum at $55, but worth every penny! Includes unlimited champagne or mimosas, and has a tremendous buffet selection. The best bacon ever! Amazing desserts! In a beautiful surrounding...The O Street Mansion is a fantastical castle which you can also tour after you are done eating. Reservations required....

          definitely check this place out.

          Every Sunday:
          Sunday Champagne Brunch
          11a.m. to 2 p.m.
          Price includes champagne, juice, soda, hot tea and hot coffee. Brunch includes an omelet/crepe/waffle bar and a large variety of international and regional food and award winning desserts. Plenty of vegetarian options.

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            Gotta agree.
            You can get breakfast and brunch in lots of places but if you're looking for an "experience" there are only a few places in DC that are not run-of-the-mill.
            The Mansion on O qualifies.
            At the other end of the spectrum - at least ambiance-wise - is the Florida Avenue Grill. Old Southern style breakfast with grits and eggs. You can still get smothered pork chops with that - my personal favorite. Just seedy enough for atmosphere. Sadly, too many yuppies to be as cool as it once was. No booze.

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              I gave up on Florida Avenue Grill years ago. If you're tired of the yuppies, go a couple blocks over to Torries at Wilson. Better soul food. Better prices. No yuppies. Try the pork chops, liver and onions, or chitlins.


              Henry's on U Street also makes killer soul food, but they're noted for their sweet potato pie.


              Henry's Delicatessen Carry Out
              1704 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

              Torries@Wilsons Restaurant
              700 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001

          2. The Diner in Adams Morgan is nice for breakfast, but depending on what time there can be a wait. It is open 24/7. It is right next to and owned by the coffee shop Tryst.


            1. If you don't want a buffet Poste has a really good brunch menu. Bistro Bis offers a great pix fixe menu that is wonderful. Also Cafe Atlantico has a latin dim sum brunch I really like. Lastly it isn't always known for great food, but I think Chef Geoff's does a pretty decent brunch. All you can make reservations for.