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Apr 6, 2004 01:12 PM

Orange County Gourmet Clubs?

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I live in Orange County, and would love to be a part of a gourmet/"food nerd" club (cooking, dining, wine tastings, etc.). {Gourmet and Orange County may be an oxymoron--willing to travel!}

Does anyone have any information/suggestions?


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  1. What type of food do you like? Any particular preferences? Do you collect wine? Any particular region/varietal that your cellar has strength in? Do you have any particular favorite restaurants?

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      We like Cabernet, innovative food, comfort food, good food! I love to cook and entertain. There are not a lot of "food nerds" in O.C., unfortunately.

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      wow i'm a dog

      have you looked on if you can't find something, why not start your own? it's a free service. good luck.


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        Thanks so much for that link--had never heard of that site!!

        Most of my friends are not "food nerds". I will continue to "keep my feelers out" in search of like-minded people.

      2. I started one myself.

        First dinner I organized and invited a bunch of friends who like good food. The second one I had a friend organize (who was at the first one) and encouraged others to bring friends. The third we had another organize and continued to grow.

        I think we are at 28 people and doubling participants each meeting. It is getting to the point in which it is unmanagable so we are going to start limiting to a certain number, first come basis.

        It is easy to do, start one yourself!

        1. There are plenty of food nerds in OC! I am one, myself!

          What we've found works well here is to post to the board a time and place you plan to eat and invite others to join you. Several of us in the OC area, for instance, meet for lunch on an irregular basis and you're welcome to join us.

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            torta basilica

            The American Institute of Food & Wine has a very active OC chapter - they just did an incredible wine & cheese tasting & dinner at Napa Rose last week. I'm on vacation, but will have more info when I get home on Sunday.

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            1. re: torta basilica

              Sounds great, would love to hear more about the group. I did read about a Cheese Tasting Dinner at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach on April 30th.