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Feb 11, 2009 05:43 AM

Great place for lunch in/around Andover?

...looking for a great sit down/restaurant lunch in the Andover area for a birthday. Any suggestions? Birthday lunch is today! Thanks.

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    1. re: phonelady

      If you like Japanese, I've enjoyed Yama (, though I'll freely admit it's been a few years since I've been there so I don't have the most current knowledge of the place.


    2. You might check to see if Cassis is still offering a lunch menu

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      1. re: amljml

        Cassis is still offering lunch....excellent lunch menu too. Love the Mussels or the Gruyere Cheeseburger.

        1. re: Infomaniac

          ...called Cassis for info on lunch, got voicemail saying dinner reservations accepted after 3pm tues-sat. "if you want a dinner reservation, call back after 3pm on tuesdays." has anyone been there recently for lunch? maybe it was a little too early when i called.

          1. re: chowfornow

            My last lunch's there were November and December last year. If they were not open when you called, that's not a good sign.