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Feb 11, 2009 05:36 AM

Simon Sips: Great coffee and no lines -- check it out.

I went to Simon Sips on my way to the office this morning because the line was four deep at my usual spot, Juicy Lucy.

My Simon Sips latte was excellent and service was fast and friendly. Based on my experience I am baffled as to why the place was completely empty when I went in (the two employees were the only others in the place).

If you commute on the F,V from second avenue I encourage you to give Simon Sips a try, particularly all of you Little Veselka regulars because in my experience the coffee there just isn't great.

Note: my completely selfish rationale for this post is that I want Simon Sips to make it so that it will continue to be an option for morning coffee (I think that I am going to split time between Juicy Lucy and Simon Sips) .

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  1. Simon Sips is not only great for coffee & espresso, they have a nice wine list, four interesting beers on tap, and great food. On my first visit I tried their sublime deviled eggs & kabocha soup. It's in the old Tasting Room Cafe spot.

    1. Absolutely. This is going to be a great neighborhood place. It's like Abraco but you can sit, or Prune but cheaper and less crazy.

      I didn't want to write about it because it's going to be packed when word gets out, but I'd rather that than have it close. I'm so sick of Starbucks.

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      1. re: giftable

        I think someone should write about him so he doesn't go bankrupt.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          Yeah Simon's at that weird awkward stage where people aren't going in because the place is new and empty, so they don't want to be the first to experiment. I've seen the owner sitting at the window, like a guard cat, which isn't going to help much.

          Menu looks nice, and economical sounding.

          1. re: Peter Cuce

            TONY gave Simon Sips a shout-out in its recent 'Bread Line' feature. Not sure if I'd mention a Simon Sips sandwich in the same sentence as a Caracas arepa or a Porchetta porchetta, but I do want the place to hang around. So, OK. But personally I'll be visiting for the coffee and not the egg sandwich.


            1. re: Nels

              The sandwiches are really good for the price, especially for the excellent bread. The coffee's good too, and I appreciate the fact there's seating unlike Abraco. Last Sunday's crowd seems much bigger compared to the week before, so hopefully more people are warming to the place.
              Also, posted a deal that they will give you a discount if you sign up as a fan on facebook. I've done that, just never asked for the discount. Someone please try it and let me know if it works!

              1. re: Nels

                Have you tried the sandwiches? I bet they're really good, because all the other food I tried there was great.

                1. re: Peter Cuce

                  No, I have not. I've had a few of the baked goods (fennel seed cake and date and walnut cake -- both of which were good) but no sandwiches.

                  In retrospect I should have left the editorializing out of my previous post. My thinking is simply that whereas I consider Caracas and Porchetta 'destination' spots, I won't travel too far out of my way for an egg sandwich -- even if it is made with nice ingredients and sold at a reasonable price, as seems to be the case at Simon Sips.

                  Anyhow. I like Simon Sips. I hope it does really well and that I'm dead wrong about the non-specialness of its sandwiches. I'll make a point of finding out.

          2. Is this any relation to the Simon Sips that used to have the Bryant Park coffee concession? if so, they have a history of making good coffee (in that case, under trying circumstances) and exceptional service.

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            1. re: Dave Feldman

              Yes, it's the same Simon Sips that used to be in Bryant Park.

            2. I went to Simon Sips a few weeks ago. It was mostly a good experience, but I think they may have a few strange policies. I asked "how large is the french press of coffee?" "Oh, I'm only making Cafe Americano today." ??

              Maybe there was some technical problem, but if so the barrista should have just said so. It came across as a totally arbitrary decision on her part. Other than that strange little thing, I enjoyed myself. The Cafe Americano was fine. I sat there for a few hours and read my book. I think I got a second cuppa. I'd go back, but I just haven't yet.

              1. Simon Sips no more. This place has been gone for a while now and no one reported on the closing. I guess maybe it went downhill?

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