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Feb 11, 2009 04:36 AM

Anton & James on Stanley

Anyone have anything to say about Anton & James? I've been walking past there quite often lately and wonder if it's worth a visit for lunch.

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  1. Their Pizza is surprizingly good especially the mushroom one. Muffins are gigantic, I like the carrot one. Coffee is meh.....

    1. Their muffins are truly gigantic, almost like a cake, I love the double chocolate one!!

      1. Anyone has any reviews on their pizzas or sandwiches? Any recommendations? I like anything, except spicy foods. Thanks

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        1. re: Yummylicious

          Sandwiches are excellent. The muffins and coffee are just okay. I haven't tried the pizza yet.

          1. re: walexis

            I grabbed cookies and coffee there last week but went over to look at pizzas on display, looked delicious more armenian style than italian. Also,they had salads in fridge section for takeout , handy when you are shopping in vicinity, close to ste catherine.