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Feb 11, 2009 02:29 AM

Fresh Fine Dining

In an era when we are more conscious about where are food comes from, it probably shouldn't be surprising that some of the best new restos in the Atlantic Canada are emerging in locations that are either in fishing villages or in the heart of agriculture land. Fleur de Sel & Trattoria Donna Nonna in Lunenburg, Charlotte's Lane in Shelburne are few in Nova Scotia and Rossmount Inn in St. Andrews fits bill in New Brunswick. Tempest in Wolfville, NS at times represents this. Some inconsistency issues and at least pre-fire cleanliness in dining room was an issue for me.

I searching for any 'foodies' that have visited Fresh Fine Dining in Bristol New Brunswick for an upcoming article. If anyone has been there and wants to share their impressions please let me know.

Are there other restaurants in Atlantic Canada that any chowhounders feel represent this philosophy of from the farm/dock to the plate in small towns in Atlantic Canada.

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  1. I haven't been to Fresh in Bristol, but would enjoy learning more. Could you post a link to your article when it is completed?

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      Hi - I am a chef that has been re-located to NB from QC - I have worked in very high end Restos such as the very exclusive private club "le 357C" in MTL -
      I will be checking this resto out tomorrow and will happily post my toughts.
      In my opinion - the Rossmount Inn is by far the best dining experience to be had in the province and make a point to visit it several times a year. I was told by many local producers in the area to try "l'Idylle in Moncton"and was sooo disappointed, we had a tasting menu, and most of the dishes were misses, not to mention that the venison main course was the driest piece of meat I've EVER had in my entire life.... Not worth the money or the 90min drive from Fredericton.

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        Rossmount is indeed the best to eat in NB, maybe all of Atlantic Canada.

        Old post above is stale on Tempest. New place is very nice, Slow Food theme working, innovative move for winter months to change menu to Italian Trattoria based on recipes learned while chef toured Piedmont.

    2. If you go to PEI try Lot 30 on Kent street, its fine dining and they have great drinks and an impressive wine selection for PEI.

      Ship to Shore in Darnley, PEI was listed in enRoute as #7 of the best new restaurants, I have never tried it but would love to hear if anyone does!

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