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Feb 10, 2009 10:17 PM

Lake Mead Blvd East - Vegas taquerias?

OK, we are changing around the schedules again at work and I find myself temporarily helping out at our North Las Vegas office one day a week. I'm sure I got the assignment because I speak Spanish. No problem; I keep hearing that there are some great taquerias out that way (Lake Mead Blvd. east of I 15). The problem is, I have tried a couple already in the area and have been less than thrilled. My last lunch (the guilty shall go nameless) was downright inedible. The place looked great, mind you, and had the proper air of authenticity....right down to the fact that no English was spoken, period. But the food was awful. I'm still not sure what the meat was....but it wasn't carne asada.....and the rice I ordered as a side was uncooked.

Another place I tried had ok tacos, but at 3.50 apiece I felt they were a little pricey for tacos. They didn't even have two tortillas. And they certainly weren't anything special.

Neither place was very crowded at lunch time, so maybe that should have been a clue. OTOH, no place is crowded at lunch time in this town lately. So, Chowhounds, give it up: everyone says the good taquerias are out on the Eastern end of Lake Mead to give names?

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  1. Although I have never tried any of their tacos, Los Molcajetes (1553 north Eastern) has been good enough to get me to drive to that neighborhood a couple of times per month. Have never had anything but one of their various Molcajetes (nice bubbling stoneware cauldrons) , but considering the effort they put into them I would surmise that the rest of the menu might be worth a try.

    1. Was the taco shack that at Pecos & Lake Meade?
      We are flying to to visit my bro in Henderson on Sat. My son recommended some cheap Mexican places, he used to cook at The Artisan Hotel, and said the Pecos and Mede one was good.
      I'll be staying in Henderson but heading out to Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Nelson,and the damn; any good recs for cheap Mexican or other cheap finds? Thanks and do a sun dance please.

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      1. re: Passadumkeg

        No it wasn't. Maybe I'll check it out and report back.....

        Right now its cold and misty in Vegas. I'll hope for your sun....

        1. re: janetofreno

          Its been consistently 10-20 below w/ 3' of snow here, antthing would be better there. Even your "blizzard" of 08! Any taco trucks near the ring rd. in Henderson? Or other good cheap Mexican in Henderson?
          Go Greenspun Dolphins!

        2. re: Passadumkeg

          Hey there! Hope you have a good time while here in Henderson. If you get the chance, head on over to Chef Flemming's Bake Shop, downtown Henderson on Water St. He's worked for the past 18 years at The golden Nugget as head pastry chef, and he hails from Denmark! He does some really good stuff, with a big emphasis on Danish baked good. VERY tasty.

          Ohyeaj, janetofreno...Oddly enough I know of 2 places in that general area to get interesting Mexican goodies: On Lamb and Owens, inside a gas-station, the little taqueria there used to be very very good.(haven't been in over a year, tho) Open 24/7, and me and the DH got addicted to their carne asada tacos. They did a nice and spicy home-made red salsa, too.

          Have you poked into Liborio market, yet? Lots of good stuff there. Also on Lamb, closer to Washington, if I remember correct.

          1. re: Honeychan

            Ja Ja Naturligvis, jeg snagger Dansk! yes naturely, I speak Danish. Sounds good.
            Breakfast tacos in Henderson?

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Give Faustos in Henderson a try for both breakfast or lunch. Fairly inexpensive and very good. The front is run by an ESL gentleman, but his English is better than my Spanish so it works for me! We have not had tacos there however the breakfast, chicken and carne asada California burritos are excellent. A good salsa bar with the usual heats and fresh limes.
              It is at Stephanie and American Pacific in a strip mall.
              Faustos Mexican Grill
              229 N Stephanie St # A
              Henderson, NV 89074

              1. re: JZee

                Good, breakfast this am. Thanks. Where is the nearest Mexican supermarket to Anthem? Brought an empty suit case just to fill w/ green chiles and tortillas to take back to the icy far north.

        3. We had pretty good tacos at La Hacienda Horny's Barbque (sic) at 5482 E Lake Mead Blvd & N Christy Ln. It was a weekend night when the outdoor grill was on; not sure what they do on a weekday for lunch.

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          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Both of the places mentioned are farther east than where I ventured. So I guess I'll head further east...I'll be back there on Monday and will see if I have any better luck...

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              Holy cow, I haven't been over to my old neighborhood in over a year. That place sounds new! How was the food?

            2. Well, today was a little more successful. I ended up at a place called Anares (or something similar) on the corner of Lake Mead and Nellis...behind the Chevron station. It was busy, a good sign, and clean. Also, the salsa bar had homemade zanahorias, always a good thing. My only complaint was that the carnitas weren't crunchy enough...but the chicken was was the pastor. Three tacos and a drink was six bucks, more like it from a price standpoint. The tacos are on small tortillas but plenty of filling and double tortillas.

              As I was leaving I noticed a "weekday special" on the posted menu of Caldo de Res, large for 4.99. Just then I happened to glance at a nearby table to see someone eating I'm coming back for that, it looked delicious. LOTs of cabbage and a huge corn on the cob...the good stuff. And it was a HUGE serving for 4.99. That would have tasted soooooo good on such a wet, cold day as today.....Next time.

              Bonus points to all the patrons of the place for helping me find my cell phone when somehow I managed to drop it as I was leaving......

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              1. re: janetofreno

                Visited Los Molcajetes today after a few attempts. I first drove out there last week on Wednesday, only to find out they are closed Wednesdays! So I drove out there today (Friday) just after 10 am when they are scheduled to open. They weren't open again. Not sure why. I left and came back about an hour and a half later, just before noon. Still closed. At this point I figured maybe it just wasn't my fate to eat here. I went about my daily business, but just after 5 PM found myself headed in that direction again and ... this time they were open.

                Upon being seated I had a feeling this place was going to be pretty good. I was the only non hispanic in the place, and when I got the menu I noticed it was entirely in Spanish. This place makes Roberto's Taco's (a chain of Mexcian taco joints here in Vegas) seem like Taco Bell or Del Taco in comparison.

                Since I had eaten a fairly good sized lunch I decided to keep dinner on the smaller side. Instead of ordering one of their signature molcajetes I went with a simple green chile pork burrito and a carnitas taco. Before they came I was served the complimentary chips which were excellent along with some wonderful (and spicy) salsa.

                The burrito and taco were both very very tasty, certainly as good as it gets here in Vegas. I haven't sampled Mexican food anywhere besides California and Vegas, but I'd put this up there with any I have ever had. To top this all off, the total of the bill for burrito, taco, chips and salsa was just over $4. You read that right. It's not often these days when you can dine out (or purchase anything for that matter) and feel you got a fantastic deal, but I left Los Molcajetes feeling as if I got the deal of the century.

                If you're anywhere near that side of town and you're hungry then by all means try this place out.