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Feb 10, 2009 09:31 PM

best valentines (or any day!) chocolate

want to take some delicious chocolate to a valentines party. excluding see's and godiva, who makes the best chocolate in l.a.? both dark and milk, as well as truffles, etc. thanks all you sweeties!

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  1. la burdick (

    get it overnighted. thank me later.

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    1. re: ns1

      I agree! I was going to make the same suggestion, and was surprised to see that ns1 had already beat me to it. I just ordered a Valentine's petite wood box for my husband (he gave me LA Burdick's champagne truffles in a red heart-heart shaped box for V-Day 2008; they were phenomenal!). I often purchase their chocolate mice or penguins as gifts (they are adorable). And I can't live without their dark hot chocolate during the winter (you will never order it out again).

      1. re: beezees

        I triple Burdick's. My cousin is a neighbor of the owner so I've known about them a long while. I wouldn't alienate this cousin for *anything*! :)

        However, the OP wants local. Try Chocolatt I think it is, on Wilshire at about, um, just east of Bundy I think? South side of the street...

    2. For inexpensive and locally made, I like Helen Grace. But if you want to splurge a bit more, try Teuscher ( They have a location in Newport Beach and one in Beverly Hills.

      1. Compartes is very good; they're in Brentwood, on Barrington just south of San Vicente.

        1. I love the champagne truffles at Teuscher. I wasn't impressed with Compartes, although others on the board seem to like it. Maybe it's because they excel in things I don't like as much (I love a good truffle, and Compartes does a lot of fruit dipped in chocolate and the like...truffles weren't that great).

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          1. re: Nicole

            I also love Teuscher's champagne truffles and their filled chocolate jewels. But in L.A., I am a big fan of Diane Kron (K Chocolatier)--from her truffles to her K bears (dark, milk and white) and pecan biskits
            Diane's chocolates are divine...and she's a very nice lady, too.

            K Chocolatier
            9606 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

            1. re: kattyeyes

              I've tried her chocolates they are indeed good, however they are WAY overpriced in my opinion. I don't mind paying allot for good chocolate, to me while her interesting bars and truffles are very good they are priced higher then some of the best bars in the world. You can get much better chocolate bars for considerably less.

          2. Ha got excited by your post and wrote this then realized your talking about ones made in LA. That I can't help you with there are may made in SF that are pretty good I don't know about LA though other then Compartes and the the other above recs. No bar made in LA or the US for that matter will come close to any of the 5 i've listed below.

            My chow name really should have to do with chocolate i keep about 40 opened bars in my house at any one time none alike. I've tried almost every dark chocolate bar available in the US.

            My favorites right now are in order

            Amedei Chao It's spectacular the best bar i've ever had. You can find it at Wally's Wines in Westwood.

            Amedei Porcelan this comes from one of the rarest chocolate beans in the world and it's a superb bar.

            Both of the Amedei bars are over 10 dollars but well worth it

            Michel Cluizel 1er Cru De Plantation with the baby blue and red and black box. Also available at Wally's Wines.

            Amano Madagascar with the baby blue and black label. Has a nice fruity flavor with a cool feeling on your tongue. This bar really suprised me as it's cheaper then most of the premium bars out there. Available at the wine exchange in Orange, CA The other amano bar they have there the Ocumare is also excellent but wasn't as unique for me.

            Bonnat Puerto Cabello It's a very different bar with almost no bitterness as smooth as Chao Amedei's bar but not quite as rich. This bar is hard to get i found mine on amazon i've never seen them at any shop in LA.

            Right now i'm on a search for the individual portioned Felchin Cru Savage bars if anyone finds them in the US or online, other then the bulk packages drop me a note :).

            Good Luck Chocolate hunting.