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Feb 10, 2009 09:23 PM

Edible insects in Bay Area? (restaurant or stores?)

In my culture its not considered strange to eat insects, which are readily available as street snacks throughout Asia. My American boyfriend has never had the opportunity to try insects as food, and short of bringing him back to China with me, I'd like to find some places that serve or carry edible insects for him to try. Does anyone know of restaurants or stores that serve regular insects like scorpions or crickets? I only know of restaurants in NY and LA with insects on the menu. Thanks!

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    1. re: Xiao Yang

      Monte Alban, in San Jose, has chapulines on their menu

      960 S 1st St
      San Jose, CA 95110

    2. stewed silkworm pods at a Korean restaurant, Kang Tong Degi in North Oakland, 3702 Telegraph. written up in a 2003 review in the East Bay Express. I haven't had them so you might want to check to see if they still have them. Here's a link to the article:

      Kang Tong Degi
      3702 Telegraph Ave.
      Oakland CA 94609

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      1. re: zippo

        Here's the report on the chrysalis soup at our chowdown at Kang Tong Degi a few years ago.

      2. Thanks guys- we had a few chapulines at El Tule in San Jose- they were OK, not crisp like you get them in Asia, but better than nothing....

        1. Beondegi (vegetable soup with boiled silkworms) at Dan Sung Sa on Telegraph Avenue near 28th Street in Oakland:

          "They smelled it before they saw it: salty and rich, smoky with a beefy undertone. It came in a small stone bowl on a small black plate. Bits of browns and yellows and greens floated on the surface of the steaming russet broth and someone remarked that it looked like minestrone soup. Except that it wasn’t minestrone soup."

          Also Daniella Martin passes out fried scorpion and sautéed moth larvae at Fisherman's Wharf for Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum.

          Dan Sung Sa
          2775 Telegraph Ave
          Oakland, CA 94612
          (510) 663-5927

          1. I just watched a fairly recent "Eye on the Bay" (or whatever it's called) online, and two of the hosts ate crickets at Mezcal in San Jose.


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