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Feb 10, 2009 08:15 PM

Chocolate Chip Cookie Collecting...

Trying to pinpoint five or six of the best chocolate chip cookies (or a slight variation on chocolate chip) in Manhattan to put together into a V-day present. So far I am considering Ruby et Violette and Insomnia, but need a few others. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. In addition to the chocolate chunk cookie at Ruby et Violette, I've enjoyed chocolate chip cookies from
    - Levain Bakery (chocolate chocolate chip, actually)
    - chocolate-chip peanut butter cookie from Billy's Bakery (but not the chocolate chip cookie)
    - Chocolate Bar (48 8th Ave @ 12th St)
    - Jacques Torres

    Jacques Torres
    350 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

    Billy's Bakery
    184 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

    Levain Bakery
    167 W 74th St, New York, NY 10023

    1. Insomnia's isn't really that great.

      I would add Jack's Stir Brewed to your list.

      1. The best that I have found are at Paradise To Go a small take out shop on 4th ave by 12th st. (NY Mag liked them as well). The are thick and buttery, amazing.

        I like Jacks, and and Joes too, agree that Insomnia is not great and I actually do not like Jacques Torres (though love the hot chocolate) But it depends on the style of cookie you like.

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          1. re: plumtart

            I've never heard of "Paradise to Go"
            I googled it and got a lot of sites for Hawaiian vacations.
            Apparently it's called Paradis to Go!
            Any other rec's for the place?

            1. re: hungrycomposer

              You are right, no E. I am happy (and sad) that someone seconds the place. I get their take out meals quite often and other baked goods. Everything i have had has been great. But if you can only get one thing, get the cookie!

        1. Where is Ruby et Violette now?
          I looked for them recently and couldn't find them!

          As for other favorites I do think that Babycakes is quite nice.
          The best used to be at Marlow and Sons in Brooklyn but since they've changed pastry chefs in June their sweets have suffered a bit.

          1. I've done a lot of first-hand research on this important topic. Here are my top choice chocolate chip cookies:

            * Chocolate Bar (3rd floor of Henri Bendel's) - just a wonderful not too hard, not too tender cookie. delicious.
            * Petrossian's Cafe (911 7th Ave between 57 and 58) - large, fluffier, melt in your mouth
            * Baked - 359 Brunt St. (Red Hook) (possibly available at Royale Cafe in the West Village, 461 Sixth Ave at 11th st) - the cookies are similar to those at Chocolate Bar
            * Jacques Torres - a large, crisper cookie. Unsurprisingly, uses excellent chocolate.
            * Cookshop - can get an order of warm cookies fresh-baked. These are on the darker, more brown-sugar side, and they're somewhat smaller.
            * Dessert Delivery - this is a vague memory, but I remember liking their chocolate chip cookies a good bit I think. They're at 360 E. 55th St., just west of 1st Ave.

            Also good but not as good as the above:
            Jack's Stir Brew
            Levain (definitely overrated in my opinion, but interesting for the experience of a ginormous warm cookie with an underbaked inside)
            Betsy's Place cookies (available at some Oren's locations)
            Ruby et Violette (softer, chewier)

            Struck me as quite average:
            City Bakery
            Paradise to Go

            Surprisingly good for the price and pedigree:
            McDonald's chocolate chip cookies (especially because they're warm)

            The Vegetarian New Yorker:

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              1. re: LeahBaila

                Mmmmm. LOVE Dessert Delivery chocolate chip cookies. Especially the "everything" cookies with peanut butter in them.

              2. re: shivohum

                I've not tried any of these chocolate chip cookies, as I usually make my own Tollhouse ones, but I really like the Tate's cookies that are made in Southampton and sold in a lot of places in the city.