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Chocolate Chip Cookie Collecting...

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Trying to pinpoint five or six of the best chocolate chip cookies (or a slight variation on chocolate chip) in Manhattan to put together into a V-day present. So far I am considering Ruby et Violette and Insomnia, but need a few others. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. In addition to the chocolate chunk cookie at Ruby et Violette, I've enjoyed chocolate chip cookies from
    - Levain Bakery (chocolate chocolate chip, actually)
    - chocolate-chip peanut butter cookie from Billy's Bakery (but not the chocolate chip cookie)
    - Chocolate Bar (48 8th Ave @ 12th St)
    - Jacques Torres

    Jacques Torres
    350 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

    Billy's Bakery
    184 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

    Levain Bakery
    167 W 74th St, New York, NY 10023

    1. Insomnia's isn't really that great.

      I would add Jack's Stir Brewed to your list.

      1. The best that I have found are at Paradise To Go a small take out shop on 4th ave by 12th st. (NY Mag liked them as well). The are thick and buttery, amazing.

        I like Jacks, and and Joes too, agree that Insomnia is not great and I actually do not like Jacques Torres (though love the hot chocolate) But it depends on the style of cookie you like.

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            I've never heard of "Paradise to Go"
            I googled it and got a lot of sites for Hawaiian vacations.
            Apparently it's called Paradis to Go!
            Any other rec's for the place?

            1. re: hungrycomposer

              You are right, no E. I am happy (and sad) that someone seconds the place. I get their take out meals quite often and other baked goods. Everything i have had has been great. But if you can only get one thing, get the cookie!

        1. Where is Ruby et Violette now?
          I looked for them recently and couldn't find them!

          As for other favorites I do think that Babycakes is quite nice.
          The best used to be at Marlow and Sons in Brooklyn but since they've changed pastry chefs in June their sweets have suffered a bit.

          1. I've done a lot of first-hand research on this important topic. Here are my top choice chocolate chip cookies:

            * Chocolate Bar (3rd floor of Henri Bendel's) - just a wonderful not too hard, not too tender cookie. delicious.
            * Petrossian's Cafe (911 7th Ave between 57 and 58) - large, fluffier, melt in your mouth
            * Baked - 359 Brunt St. (Red Hook) (possibly available at Royale Cafe in the West Village, 461 Sixth Ave at 11th st) - the cookies are similar to those at Chocolate Bar
            * Jacques Torres - a large, crisper cookie. Unsurprisingly, uses excellent chocolate.
            * Cookshop - can get an order of warm cookies fresh-baked. These are on the darker, more brown-sugar side, and they're somewhat smaller.
            * Dessert Delivery - this is a vague memory, but I remember liking their chocolate chip cookies a good bit I think. They're at 360 E. 55th St., just west of 1st Ave.

            Also good but not as good as the above:
            Jack's Stir Brew
            Levain (definitely overrated in my opinion, but interesting for the experience of a ginormous warm cookie with an underbaked inside)
            Betsy's Place cookies (available at some Oren's locations)
            Ruby et Violette (softer, chewier)

            Struck me as quite average:
            City Bakery
            Paradise to Go

            Surprisingly good for the price and pedigree:
            McDonald's chocolate chip cookies (especially because they're warm)

            The Vegetarian New Yorker: http://vegny.blogspot.com/

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              1. re: LeahBaila

                Mmmmm. LOVE Dessert Delivery chocolate chip cookies. Especially the "everything" cookies with peanut butter in them.

              2. re: shivohum

                I've not tried any of these chocolate chip cookies, as I usually make my own Tollhouse ones, but I really like the Tate's cookies that are made in Southampton and sold in a lot of places in the city.

                1. Thanks for all of the responses. I ended up sticking to just downtown places, added in
                  Batch and Milk and Cookies to your suggestions. Jacques Torress was by far our favorite, but Batch was surprisingly good. Also loved Jacks as a very perfect traditional cookie. Thanks again.