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Feb 10, 2009 08:01 PM

Romantic and Scenic Dinner in Bmore or DC?

Ok, so I have read post after post and looked at tons of web pages trying to find a place for dinner. My bf is coming to town and he has never been to DC or Baltimore and I am taking him out to dinner as a belated V-day meal. I want to find a romantic place, offers good seafood (for him, not me I do not like seafood at all) and has a scenic view or something like that. I was going to try to do one of the dinner cruises but there aren't any running that I could find on 22 Feb when I am trying to do the dinner. I was thinking the Inner Harbor because we will be going to dc site seeing later that week. Anyone know about the Rusty Scupper? I want to stay away from chains such as Phillips. I am pretty open really. Transportation isn't an issue, we can metro or drive. If there is a good place in DC or what not I would like it to be somewhere where even if we can't see much from the restaurant, we can walk around in the area and see things...this is why I was thinking the Inner Harbor because we can walk around there for a little romantic stroll. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks! :)

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  1. good food,lovely restaurant,good wine and bar,modern scene, Kali's Court
    I'll take you back to Baltimore in Fell's Point.An interesting walk around neighborhood.
    Another option in Baltimore,maybe? don't know your taste Cinghiale again food,wine and atmosphere for a "couple"

    1. In DC you may want to try Georgetown and go to: Citronelle- expensive- or it's lounge. Blacksalt or Hook (maybe haven't been recently) for seafood.

      You could go to Old Town Alexandria which is fun to walk at night too and go to Restaurant Eve- expensive, Majestic- not as expensive, Hank's Oyster Bar- more seafood moderate price for DC.

      Or you could go to Penn Quarter/Chinatown where you could walk around and there are a plethora of good places.

      Where you wanting seafood for both meals?

      1. My cousin had invited me to dinner at R.S.That was my first time to be's nice inside and they even had a pianist playing soft music in the background. really romantic.I ordered fish and they gave me something that tasted like cotton in my mouth .I couldn't eat it. . I grew up near the water and know when fish has to be discarded.
        Yes, it's got a great view of the harbor so I'm still gonna go back there but maybe skip the seafood.