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Romantic and Scenic Dinner in Bmore or DC?

SweetCaliGrLnDC Feb 10, 2009 08:01 PM

Ok, so I have read post after post and looked at tons of web pages trying to find a place for dinner. My bf is coming to town and he has never been to DC or Baltimore and I am taking him out to dinner as a belated V-day meal. I want to find a romantic place, offers good seafood (for him, not me I do not like seafood at all) and has a scenic view or something like that. I was going to try to do one of the dinner cruises but there aren't any running that I could find on 22 Feb when I am trying to do the dinner. I was thinking the Inner Harbor because we will be going to dc site seeing later that week. Anyone know about the Rusty Scupper? I want to stay away from chains such as Phillips. I am pretty open really. Transportation isn't an issue, we can metro or drive. If there is a good place in DC or what not I would like it to be somewhere where even if we can't see much from the restaurant, we can walk around in the area and see things...this is why I was thinking the Inner Harbor because we can walk around there for a little romantic stroll. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks! :)

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    lcool RE: SweetCaliGrLnDC Feb 12, 2009 05:52 AM

    good food,lovely restaurant,good wine and bar,modern scene, Kali's Court
    I'll take you back to Baltimore http://www.kaliscourt.com in Fell's Point.An interesting walk around neighborhood.
    Another option in Baltimore,maybe? don't know your taste Cinghiale again food,wine and atmosphere for a "couple" http://www.cinghiale-osteria.com

    1. ktmoomau RE: SweetCaliGrLnDC Feb 12, 2009 06:04 AM

      In DC you may want to try Georgetown and go to: Citronelle- expensive- or it's lounge. Blacksalt or Hook (maybe haven't been recently) for seafood.

      You could go to Old Town Alexandria which is fun to walk at night too and go to Restaurant Eve- expensive, Majestic- not as expensive, Hank's Oyster Bar- more seafood moderate price for DC.

      Or you could go to Penn Quarter/Chinatown where you could walk around and there are a plethora of good places.

      Where you wanting seafood for both meals?

      1. s
        sharpyl09 RE: SweetCaliGrLnDC Feb 12, 2009 06:44 AM

        My cousin had invited me to dinner at R.S.That was my first time to be there.it's nice inside and they even had a pianist playing soft music in the background. really romantic.I ordered fish and they gave me something that tasted like cotton in my mouth .I couldn't eat it. . I grew up near the water and know when fish has to be discarded.
        Yes, it's got a great view of the harbor so I'm still gonna go back there but maybe skip the seafood.

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