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Feb 10, 2009 07:30 PM

Dim Sum-Best Cart place in SGV

I have searched through the existing threads on this topic but am still confused! What is the best cart style dim sum restaurant in the SGV? 888? NBC??? Help please. (I would love to try Elite but this crowd wants carts!!!).

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  1. I hear you, handlertaper, and we also like dim sum cart service...HOWEVER, the quality of the dim sum at Elite will change your mind.

    They do have menus with pictures to help you order. Additionally, there are several servers passing trays around so that you still can have that spontaneous experience as you might with carts.

    We used to enjoy Capital Seafood at Atlantic and Garvey, but recently we found most of the cart items to be luke-warm or cold; dim sum suffers greatly if the temperature is not "right." In contrast, at Elite, the items are extremely fresh as they come to you directly from their kitchen!

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    1. re: liu

      I am will liu about Elite.

      I do appreciate cart-style dim sum in a huge dining hall. The vibrancy, the aroma, the callings for various dim sum. Frankly, I miss that a lot. But I haven't quite found a cart-style dim sum place that is on par with Elite. And unlikely I will sacrifice quality with the atmosphere.

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        Hey, Vince S! "The vibrancy, the aroma, the callings..." You have captured what I, too, love about those massive dim sum dining halls! B U T, the dim sum at Elite is wonderful! We have dined there several dozen times and never been disappointed.

      1. empress harbor.......located at garvey/atlantic.

        1. I'm partial to 888 Seafood on Valley Blvd. in Rosemead. It's one of the few dim sum places that has a number of Chiu Chau items - including my fave - gau choy gau. I try to get there early - around 10am - and talk my way into a table near one of the kitchen exit doors so that I can have a good selection when it comes fresh from the kitchen.

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            estone888 -- Back a couple of years, we were huge 888 fans!
            Then, we noticed that their items were not hot and the carts seemed sparse; it felt like they were struggling to keep up.
            Please tell me that they are still good as I would love to return.

            1. re: liu

              I agree. We noticed a drop in the quality at 888 over a year ago and have stopped going back for dim sum. The whole winter melon soup for dinner is still amazing though.

              1. re: Porthos

                I went about six weeks ago and though it wasn't quite as good as I recall from the past, I still thought it was very good. I did have the good fortune to be seated within two tables of the exit from the kitchen, so I was one of the first tables that the carts got to. I do think where you sit is a vital part of getting good dim sum at a cart place. I generally prefer the food at the order off the menu places, but sometimes I'm just in the mood for the carts.

              2. re: liu

                The few times I've was at 888 (last year) I actually thought the food was decent . Couple of items there, forget which ones I actually prefer over Elite or Sea Harbor.

                Only problem is the wait is terrible, worse than Sea Harbor down the street I dare say.

            2. I like 888 in Rosemead and Empress Harbor in Monterey Park. At 888, I figured out that you shouldn't arrive before 1030 AM or so. That's when the kitchen really starts cranking out the dishes. If you go there earlier, you'll be waiting for dishes, and the dishes that didn't sell will be sitting around for a while.

              Empress Harbor is also really good. I believe that if you get your check before 12, you will get a 20% discount. But I haven't been there in about a year.

              Personally, I think Elite is the best, but I like going to cart places, too.