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Feb 10, 2009 07:18 PM

Brooklyn Markets?

Hi everyone,

I am interested in finding out about markets in Brooklyn, or anywhere in NYC. I am thinking of the kind of markets that contain butchers, fish mongers, green grocers, spice markets, bakers.. You know the sort? I have been in and lived in places that had these kinds of everyday markets to shop in, with a variety of vendors who specialise in different things. I love wandering around them and finding new things. If there any in the city, particulary Brooklyn, I'd love to know. Or even areas that have a variety of stores, that would be great to shop in for more than one kind of thing.

Thanks so much..

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  1. Apparently, you stumped everyone. There is no such market in Brooklyn, to my knowledge. However, if you're into Italian food, a walk down 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst would accommodate most of your needs. Villabate at 18th Avenue & 70th Street is an excellent baker. Frank & Sal's Salumeria at 18th and 81st is great butcher/greengrocer for meat, fruits, vegetables and specialty Italian items. Further down at 18th and 85th Street (under the D train) is Sea Breeze II, a terrific fish market.

    1. Atlantic Avenue between Court and Henry or so has a pretty good selection of markets, mostly Middle Eastern. You can then swing down Court Street and find a few more good spots including Fish Tales (seafood), Staubitz (butcher) and further down into Carroll Gardens you hit a nice strip of Italian delis, butchers and bakeries. Sure wish we had a big market like you're talking about. I do love them in other cities and one would do well here, I'm sure.

      1. Has anyone tried the Brooklyn Terminal Market?
        IS it wholesale or retail?

        There is a market at Grand Central Terminal everything from Pansey's Spices to Murray's cheese

        and then the Essex St Market


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          Brooklyn Terminal Market is basically Wholesale, although there are some fruit and vegetable stores that sell retail on the weekends. It's major retail business is flowers and other plants and accessories on Spring weekends. I also think they do a Christmas tree business in the fall.

          For a market like dansms wants in the outer boroughs, one would have to go to the Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx. (2344 Arthur Ave) There are about 3 dozen stalls.

          Fairway in Redhook, Brooklyn is a supermarket under single ownership (and part of a small local chain of markets) but does have a service butcher, fish monger, bakery, cheese seller, deli counter, etc. It's probably as close as one can get to a indoor market in Brooklyn.

          The OP should also check out the green markets. The best in Brooklyn is at Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays. The biggest and best in NYC is at Union Square Manhattan.

          1. re: Jack_

            Does anyone have any info on the Brooklyn Terminal Market and which ones are open to the public? Is this market that sells winemaking grapes during harvest season, or am I thinking of somewhere else.

            FWIW, the homepage of the market makes it seem like everyone's invited, but I'm sure that that's not the case:


          2. In addition to the above, there's
            Moore Street Market/La Marketa de Williamsburg
            organized by stalls, Latin American foods
            the NYTimes has been covering their struggle to keep the space

            Hong Kong Market 61st St/8th Ave in Sunset Park.
            It's a grocery store with produce, pan-asian dry goods, an in-house butcher and fishmonger, in a neighborhood with lots of small food shops - mostly Chinese and at least one Turkish

            The main drag in Brighton Beach has the Russian/Polish equiv
            ground zero is M & I International

            M&I International Food
            249 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

            Hong Kong Supermarket
            6013 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

            Moore Street Market
            110 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206