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Feb 10, 2009 06:53 PM

Looking for a bakery around Venice, FL

We have been spending winter vacation in the Venice area.
Can't find a "GOOD" bakery........breads, cookies, rolls etc.
Anyone have a suggestion?
Otherwise, anyone looking for a new business op?

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  1. Are you on the island? Publix Supermarket has a pretty wide selection but it is a grocery bakery.
    Angelo's on Venice Ave East and Pinebrook has fresh Italian breads and Zeppoles on St Joseph Day (March 19).
    The only one I have found that is a real bakery is in Englewood. A pretty far drive if you are on the island. When you walk in the aroma makes you say 'aahhh' . Route 776 past the Dome flea market, past Manasota Beach Rd. to the light at Englewood Isles Pkwy; turn left into an old shopping plaza and go the end. The baker is Irish but he does all the traditional breads and pastries, not just hot-cross buns and soda bread. :)

    I hope someone can add some more locations. I'm interested in finding a closer one too.

    Simply Yum Yum
    1809 Englewood Rd
    Local: 941-473-3986

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      Thanks for the info.
      We do stay on the island but a good bakery is always worth the trip.
      We would ask other locals but everyone sent us to the supermarket.
      For sure going to try these out.

    2. There truly isn't enough market to support a "good" bakery. There is Upper Crust but they have been sporadic; and Angelo's, likewise. They're passable when the snowbirds are in town, and not so good the rest of the year. The ONLy place that's consistant other than the megamart (Publix/Sweetbay) bakeries is Panera.

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        Yum Yum is a great bakery. They make a meringue key lime pie that is to die for, but if you want to get one in the afternoon (in season or out) you need to call in the morning to reserve one. They also make Danish, and I've never been disappointed in their breads. We visit Englewood several times a year, and we always make it a point to drop in on our way to or from the beach at least once during our visit.

      2. I like Paisano's in Sarasota on Stickney Point road.

        they have great cookies and all kinds of other stuff, bread, italian deli items.

        I love the pignolis, the chorchidates, and the almond crescents.

        You can go to C'est La Vie on main street in sarasota for authentic croissant and french breads.