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Feb 10, 2009 06:42 PM

Substitute for Monk Fish

I have a fantastic recipe "Lotte L'Americaine" which calls for Monkfish or losbster what can I substitute it with, a firm meaty fish - I am in Australia..........

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  1. Substitute lobster - spiny or otherwise, prawns, langostinos, large shrimp...

    1. I'm with Kilted Cook. Monkfish used to be called the "poor man's lobster." Clearly that was before it became so expensive. :-) Australia has some great lobster so if it's not prohibitively expensive I'd opt for that. If you can't swing either monkfish or lobster my next choices would be langostinos or prawns

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        Thanks for that guys will give it a go, hope you try the recipe its going to be my Friday night Family Dinner, will let you know how it goes.

      2. Moreton Bay Bugs would work.