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Feb 10, 2009 06:12 PM

tasty lunch with cocktail specials....on a MONDAY?

My buddy and I are going to NO for a girls' trip, we are doing the spa on Monday morning and then lunch, hopefully someplace not too expensive, with a deal on cocktails....We will be on Magazine for the spa....any suggestions?

seems all my first choices are closed on I am counting all on you Chowers!

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  1. Commander's Palace w/ .25 martini specials:

    Classic Martini
    Gin or vodka, white vermouth, lemon twist or olive

    Commander’s Palace Martini
    Vodka, white vermouth, blue Curaçao, lemon garnish

    Vodka, triple sec, Rose’s lime juice, cranberry juice, lime twist garnish

    Ray’s Melon Martini
    Vodka, melon liqueur, blue Curaçao, cherry garnish

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    1. re: edible complex

      Commander's is my rec. as well. Reserve the garden room.

      1. re: JazzyB

        Thanks! I have always wanted to go there, missed it last couple of trips so this is a great opportunity!