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Feb 10, 2009 06:10 PM

Sea Saw being pulled from our prandial playground?

Call me Chicken Little, but if there's truth to the buzz that Chef Nobu's days in Scottsdale's Old Town are numbered, then we might just be feeling that first ominous drop in the deluge of restaurant closures about to rain down on our local dining scene.
Granted, there's undoubtedly a domino-effect dynamic at work here, given the Waterfront's woes in general and Peter Kasperski's launch of a new restaurant fleet into a perfect storm of spiraling economics.
Still, if a restaurant that's enjoyed the kind of stratospheric success Sea Saw has can't weather the doom and gloom, maybe the sky really is falling.
If the end is near, Lord, please; don't let my last meal happen in a drive-thru.

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  1. I'm assuming you're referring to the azcentral article? I'm not really seeing how relocating to Phoenix or Arcadia would do anything for business. It seems like Scottsdale would be the most ideal spot to find those most oblivious to the recession, no?

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      It sounded like Nobu might be being lured to Ardadia or Downtown for a new venture. Not to move Sea Saw out of Old Town.