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Feb 10, 2009 06:02 PM

Need lunch ideas!

Here's the scoop. I'm a vegetarian, my fiance is not. We both work from home, and so would like to share some lunches together. Other than leftovers or a salad, we are totally stuck.

We can't seem to find good cold cuts here in Colorado (I don't eat them so I wouldn't know). We've been doing the grilled cheese thing, the PB & J, the hot dogs, the veggie burgers, some frozen stuff, some lunches out...


Thanks :)

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  1. I like some good bean dishes, lentils and garbonzos, lots of varieties that make excellent salads. Also I am not fond of tofu, but I have had some mixed with vegetables and some cheese in a Pita which. Also I love wraps with a variety of melted cheeses, sprouts, vegetables etc.

    Seafood? any. Seafood is a great way to add to any dish. I love the stuffed potato too, I'm sure you have done that. But I enjoy trying new ways.

    Tuna with roasted red peppers, lettuce, and some fresh herbs and creamed cheese is great on a good rye bread or pita or pretty much anything.

    One of my favorite dishes is a pasta dish with all fresh veggies and beans and cheese. It is so heart.

    Portabello roasted, sliced with cheese and roasted red peppers and chive cream cheese on a onion roll or in a wrap.

    1. Soup - A million varieties and easy to make in a big batch.

      Hummus - I love Trader Joe's roasted red pepper hummus in a wrap with lettuce, tomato, thinly sliced cucumber.

      Boboli pizza -- my husband and I eat these for dinner occasionally. It's great because the small ones are perfect individual size. He likes pepperoni on his, I like mushrooms or other vegetables.

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          So, to add to the challenge, the finance doesn't like wraps, and soup "isn't enough" in itself, it would need to have something on the side. I don't eat seafood and it's honestly not that good here! Yikes!

          1. re: lavendula

            That is what you can definitely call a challenge.

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              How about a vegetarian hash with some poached eggs, eggs benedict done vegetarian, omlettes.

              Paninis not just cheese, heirloom tomatoes, some arugula, fresh onions and some herbed cheese. Also, some apples slices, pear, nuts, brie cheese.

              You said veggie burgers, break them up and saute with some onion and peppers and add to a grilled hoagie roll. Top with some good gruyere or any cheese you eat and wrap in foil and heat up.

              I love a simple egg, bacon (or what you would substitute) cream and parmesan in a great hearty pasta dish.

              I make a heart vegetable stew with whole wheat pasta and vegetarian meatballs, some good roasted vegetables and lots of greens. Pretty good. Not gourmet but still very tasty and hearty.

              1. re: lavendula

                ok, i know you eat dairy since you mentioned grilled cheese. how about eggs? other posters have already suggested them a few ways, but i'll give you my thoughts:

                - omelets or frittatas
                - stir-fries with tofu, tempeh, seitan, Field Roast or Quorn
                - bean- or lentil-based dishes like vegetarian chili, chana masala, dal makhani, or your favorite curry
                - lentil salad with feta
                - quinoa salad
                - quiche, or a Lebanese b'jibin, which is basically a cross between a soufflé and a crustless quiche
                - vegetarian lasagna with ricotta or cottage cheese
                - stuffed baked potatoes - easy to bake the potatoes together & then top/fill according to your individual prefs
                - homemade pizza
                - stuffed peppers or squash with rice, quinoa, couscous, barley, buckwheat or beans
                - polenta with your preferred toppings

            2. Do you like curry? Vegetarian curry is flavorful despite the lack of meat in it

              What about fried rice or noodles? You can make vegetarian version and for your fiance he can just top it off with some meat

              Most pasta can be done with or without meat. Spaghetti, penne, etc., can all be fast and easy.

              Perhaps some quiche or frittata?

              1. What do you eat for dinners? Does he make a steak or Chicken or a Pot Roast for himself while you make grilled tofu and Lentil Surprise? The vegetarian is the limiting factor. If you don't do seafood, then he's "stuck" eating vegetarian dishes.

                If you are making separate dinners, then I humbly suggest the easiest thing to do for lunches is your own separate leftovers.

                Find compromise dishes - Mushroom Barley Bake, Vegetarian Chowder, things that he like as well as you - to which he can add some meat if he wants.