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Feb 10, 2009 05:31 PM

Goya Refresco soda (coconut)

Does anybody know where I can buy a bunch of this? If you buy it online it works out to 1.50 a bottle and I used to get it for .70 a bottle before Jewel stopped carrying it. Thanks!

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  1. Any Mexican or Puerto Rican grocery store should have it, no?

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    1. re: rubinow

      They all seem to just carry Jarritos which is decent, but that Goya coconut is the nectar of the gods!

      1. re: sarbinson

        There are other brands of coconut flavor, too (I checked at my store yesterday). I know I've seen Goya brand, but I just can't put my finger on where it was.

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          What neighbor hood are you shopping in? I used to always find it in the Spanish groceries in Humbolt Park and Logan Square. I have also found it in stores along Pulaski south of Midway. Sorry I don't have any names of stores, I have not drank this since I was 10 years old but now that you have rekindled old memories I will be on the look out for it and post the names of any stores I come across that carry it. Good luck.

      2. This website says:

        Quality Goya products are available at thousands of stores. If you can't find the Goya product you're looking for, ask your store to order them or contact your nearest Goya Foods facility for information on availibility in your area.

        Goya Foods of Illinois
        1001 Bryn Mawr Avenue
        Bensenville, IL 60106
        Tel: 630-616-8300
        Fax: 630-616-8305

        1. Try Tony's Finer Foods---one is at Fullerton & Central Park, another one is at Elston & Hamlin, and I think there are a couple more, check phone book. Big huge Hispanic supermarkets, have everything. Meanwhile, your Jewel manager will order anything you want.

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          1. re: Querencia

            thanks for the suggestions all- this weekend, I'm on a mission for soda.

            1. re: Querencia

              The Tony's on Elston has the 2-liter bottles of Goya for $1.29. Goya uses artificial flavor. Coco Rico uses natural flavor and is $1.99 for 2-liters. These are in the second aisle of groceries (after the produce department) and are at the end nearest the service meat counter, not near the other sodas.