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Feb 10, 2009 04:48 PM

Four Seasons Brunch help

SO we are thinking of doing brunch at Four Seasons. I am a little confused. Are there 2 different brunches- one in lunge and one in Fountain? If so, which is better? Is the brunch one of those where you order entree and everything else is buffet- or is everything buffet/station style. ANy other tips, recommendations, etc... Also, what is the price- is it a set fee?

How does this compare to Lacroix? We have been there a few times for brunch now and just love it.

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  1. I mayhave answered my own question. I t appears the Swann and Fountain have 2 different brunches. The question is- which one is the best??? I assume Fountain but could use some tips.

    1. I think if you are looking for something to compare to Lacroix then you should choose the Fountain rather than the Swann lounge for brunch.

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        The Swann brunch is a complete waste of money. The fountain on the other hand is one of the best brunches anywhere. At one time the best brunch anywhere in the country. Now I think many actually do compare and Lacroix's brunch is so inventive and creative that has perhaps surpassed it in many ways. The fountain's brunch is unusual in that it is a buffet and a la carte menu in one. You will choose your entree from the menu. The price of your brunch will depend on the entree you choose. Your meal includes the gourmet buffet (caviar, raw bar, spectacular salads and canapes) and amazing dessert cart.

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          Thanks. Does anyone have a rough idea of the pricing for each of these?

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            We ended up booking Fountain. ANyone have an idea of how much brunch may cost?

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              As I mentioned, the price is dictated by the price of the entree you choose. I honestly have not been in a while, but I would guess it would average around $60 each, but I am really not sure.

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                I'm sure you can just call them and find out.

        2. So, we went today and I will post a review soon. It was $68 per person at the Fountain and excellent. My husband enjoyed the caviar, pate's and oyster shooters the best. I loved the desserts. Entrees really good too- but the appetizer buffet is a real treat.