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Feb 10, 2009 04:40 PM

Butcher Shop

Does anyone know of a good butcher shop in NW DC or Montgomery County?
Or a place to buy good veal?

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    1. If you don't mind driving to McLean, here's an organic option:

      1. Um......Wagshalls! One of the best in the area. Also one of the oldest. They do prime, Angus, choice and so much more when it comes to beef items. I have always enjoyed their products, and they do aging in house. They call it a deli, but it is more of a butcher than anything.

        Wagshalls Deli - 4855 MASSACHUSETTS AVE

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          Wagshalls Market, not the Deli, is my first choice. Both are in the same little strip mall on Mass Ave (near AU).

            1. re: themeatguy

              Thanks for the suggestions. We tried Wagshall's last night and it was great!
              Forgot it was there...