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Feb 10, 2009 03:51 PM

Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder also Past aExtruder?

I was contemplating buying myself a toy: a Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder Attachment. When I am looking in the online catalogs there is a Meat Grinder Attachment PLUS a Pasta Extruder. The grinder alone is sixty bucks. The duo attachment is 99. Anybody have any comments on either? I could get into making past aas well as sausages.

Thanx for any info.


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  1. That's high for the grinder attachment. Bed Bath and Beyond sells it for $49.95 last time I checked. Which mixer do you own ? The grinder requires all the power that you can muster from your mixer. If you have a lower wattage unit like a 325 or 400 watt unit, while the grinder will work on your mixer, there have been instances of a shortened life on the lessor mixers. All the pasta extruder is, is a tube with interchangeable plates that allow you to run dough through the grinder and push it through the plates as pasta. Again it works the machine hard. I love my grinder and use it often but I have a 600 watt machine and it does tax it to a small amount.

    1. I've used the grinder attachment on a KA commercial stand mixer, it plods along and does an okay job. The mixer gets warm pretty quick and grinding large amounts of meat (5 – 10 pounds) takes a couple of runs, as does stuffing the same size batches of sausage.

      I just got this hand grinder The company claims it can grind 2 -3 pounds per minute, plan on making sausage this week.

      1. I think I bought the meat grinder, fruit pureer and veggie slicer/grater for about $100. I think the pasta thingy was additional. The pasta thingy is only some extruder discs that fit on the meat grinder. I've not tried them because I already have a pasta extruder. In order to make pasta, you need a very dry crumbly mix and lots of torque. I am not sure the KA's are up to supplying the necessary torque for the extened time needed to produce a batch of pasta. We use the fruit puree to make sauces, ice creams and sorbets. I rarely use the veggie attachment since I have a 14 cup FP with all the cutting disks.

        The meat grinder gets a fair amount of use in our house. We grind our own meats, for burgers meatloafs, meatballs and homemade sausage. I would assume the meat grinder includes the sausage horns and plate for stuffing sausage. We bought casings at the local sausage company so we can make our own.

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          the KA meat grinder that I got does NOT include the horn and plate for sausage....Adam

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            The meat grinder does not include the sausage cones unless they have changed what is included since I bought mine.

          2. I bought the grinder and do use it. I bought the pasta extruder and used it once. I'm clearing out some superfluous equipment and it is going to the Good Will. It was probably my most expensive equipment mistake.

            1. The grinder is a good, not great, KA toy. However, the pasta extruder is a joke that's no better than cheapie plastic models that don't work. If pasta is what you want, get an old school Italian-made hand-cranked roller/cutter model. I've never seen a home appliance pasta extruder than worked.