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Apr 5, 2004 04:58 PM

Robatanyaki in LA? Help!

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Just got back from Tokyo and had an amazing "robatanyaki" style dinner at Tan-To in the Roppangi district. This style of meal was more delicious and more fun than anything I've ever experienced in Japanese cuisine. Where can I get the "robatanyaki" experience in the LA area? I need another fix soon! Thanks much!

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    Professor Salt

    Robatayaki is one of my favorite Japanese cuisines. This type of cooking holds favor in the style of pubs called izakaya, so the two terms are somewhat synonymous. Yakitori shops specialize in skewered chicken parts, while the term robatayaki encompasses seafood, beef, pork, sparrow, pretty much anything you can grill.

    Shin Sen Gumi own a group of restaurants in Torrance, Gardena, and Fountain Valley. Two of these shops do yakitori / robatayaki. In Tustin, there's Honda Ya. There's a couple more in LA, but I haven't been to them, so I'll let someone else comment on those.

    Shin Sen Gumi
    18315 Brookhurst Ave.
    Fountain Valley
    18517 S. Western Ave

    Honda Ya
    556 El Camino Real

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      I second each of those recs. Can't go wrong with either one.

      There is also Kappo Honda in Fountain Valley, which is popular among the young and hip Japanese.

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        Hey, where are some in LA? Remember those of us who live beyond the Orange Curtain and are averse to driving over an hour for a meal. Thanks! ps -- will you be at wat thai on sat?

        1. re: ChefLisa

          There's a Honda Ya in Little Tokyo as well.

        2. re: Professor Salt

          Try Musha in torrance:

          get the hire beef ponzu or tan shio...

          YOU'll love it...

          I'm also a veteran of the tokyo food scene and I think its the best in the world...Although LA cant exactly duplicate your experience, I think you'll come pretty close

          1. re: Professor Salt

            I really wish there was something located in the San Fernando Valley

          2. I like NanBanKan on Santa Monica Blvd, near the 405.

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            1. re: tissue

              Second the Nanbankan rec (I always do!)


              1. re: Eric Archer

                I also recommend Nanbankan. Went on sunday night and had the aussie lamb chops, hamachi kama, asparagus maki and headed down Sawtelle to crepes to go for dessert. The lamb chops were excellent and the hamachi kama was also done nicely. Not too impressed by the asparagus this time around since it got a little too charred for my taste.

              2. re: tissue

                NanBanKan is your best bet.

                Musha is an izakaya, not a robata-ya.

                424 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

                los angeles, Los Angeles, CA

              3. I like a place called Otafuku. I think that's the name. It's in Torrance, I believe near 166th st. and Western. On the Sunset Strip there's Katana, which is owned by the Sushi Roku
                people. Very hip and not as serious about the food.

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                1. re: garyis

                  FYI, Otafuku is a noodle shop specializing in soba and udon. Roba_t_a_yaki is not served.