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Feb 10, 2009 03:37 PM

Game night menu...need your help!

My husband and I invited 5 couples over for game night. Planning to serve snacks, some desserts, and of course, lots of cocktails. Any ideas for my menu???

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  1. Depending on what games you are playing, I'd stick with things that are easily eaten with one hand. Anything with a lot of drippy sauce = BAD.

    Tortellini on skewers with small containers of pesto is good. I have served the Tuna Sates with Wasabi Mayo from epicurious many many times and they are a big hit at game days.

    The SD Union Tribune ran a recipe for Indigo Grill's Corn Pudding that has been very well received and is a must-try. I made it in mini muffin tins and the entire batch was devoured before we even started playing games:

    And finally, if you have little TV dinner tables, those are great to have for folks to put their drinks, food, and napkins on. Keeps everything away from the gaming area and reduces the risk of things spilling onto the games.

    1. this is such a fun idea! we had one with the same number of people two weeks ago. i made paella, empanadas, nopalitos salad, and chocolate creme puffs - the paella and salad were definitely plate and fork items but are fun foods to serve to a crowd - have a great time!

        1. Stuff on skewers, toothpicks, or kebabs is good for the abovementioned reasons.

          If it's items that are picked up directly, make sure they are dry and not drippy. Some things that you wouldn't think were a problem actually have oil or crumbs on the surface that wind up on fingers and then game pieces.

          1. My grandmother was a huge bridge fan, and I inherited her Heart/Spade/Diamond/Club cookie cutter set which can make cookies or sandwiches (white bread grilled cheese sprinkled with a little sweet paprika and Russian black bread Reubens maybe). Appropriate if you're playing card games.

            Maybe a few cubes of white cheddar cheese with dots of food-safe coloring (or pieces of black olive stuffed into holes) to make dice for decorations. One per guest, if you have the patience!

            If you're playing word games, maybe mugs of homemade tomato soup with alphabet pasta. That would go well with the sandwiches, too.

            If you're playing betting games, get some of the gold foil chocolate coins at the bulk bin in the grocery store and make little money bags for the winners of each round or game.

            Great suggestion by Metaphora about the TV trays.