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Feb 10, 2009 03:16 PM

Good recs for Austin

Will be in Austin next week at the Austin convention center. Please give recs for places to enjoy a great steak dinner, a good italian or any other places I should try while in Ausin. I do not know the area at all!

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  1. Carmelo's is close to the convention center and is a very romantic Italian spot. Family owned and operated too!

    Fleming's, and Eddie V's are very close and excellent. Eddie V's also has great HH deals in the bar area.

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      Thank you. It sounds like I want to check out all of these places. Will be in Austin for 5 days. Would also like to find out about cool places to enjoy drinks :)

    2. Osteria Primizie is a about 7 blocks for so from the convention center on E. 11th. Very good, innovative, and mildly upscale Italian. My Sicilian-American friend gives high marks to their sausage. They have very good gnochi and lasagne too.

      1. LaTraviata is located on Congress, and is very good Italian. Vespaio, on South Congress, is very good, also.

        1. Definitely try Vespaio or Enoteca Vespaio next door. After dinner cross the street and grab a cupcake from Hey Cupcake in airstream trailer! Downtown on Congress Ave. Manuel's is good for mexican food.

          1. Vespaio is probably the best Italian in town, though it's not walking distance from the Convention Center. La Traviata on Congress is, and is good, too (better than Carmelo's, in my opinion). Right across from the CC, though is also Chez Nous, an excellent little French bistro.

            But you should also have some barbecue while you're here, too - it's one of the things that is done really well here and not many other places. Sam's is relatively close by, and about a 30-minute drive from Austin is some of the best barbecue in the world - no exaggeration - if that kind of travelling works for you. It's easy to find lots of discussion on this board about it....