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Feb 10, 2009 03:07 PM

Does anybody know about senior's steak?

my boyfriend want to take me for dinner at senior's steakhouse, I heard someone talked about it before. just want to know what kind of atmosphere of this place? require dress code? any parking? and how much per person average spending? how much for their wine regularly?
is it gonna be a good place to go for valentine's day?

how about their food, only steak? any seafood? any veggies?

thanks for helping me out, I tried to look all over on internet, they dont even have a website.

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  1. I like Seniors. It is old school but not stuffy. No dress code. Steaks are good. Very reasonably priced. The non-steak menu exists but is limited. Wine list is limited too, but is also reasonably priced. The taramosalata is excellent. There is a parking lot on Pleasant just steps away. Valentine's day? Sounds good to me, but I am middle aged guy.

    1. I'm a regular there - but for price and quality. I don't find it romantic in the slightest. Actually rather threadbare with little space between tables. Service is brusque but efficient. As with most 'heritage' steakhouses the clientele is mostly male and skews towards middle-upper ages.
      Wine list is perfunctory as are alternative selections. But it's a slice of history which will probably close when the owner passes on to steak heaven - he's already well past normal retirement age. But going up and down the narrow stairs probably gives him a good workout.

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      1. re: estufarian

        is the owner a chef there or does he serve. since you are a regular there do you have any reccomendations from their lunch and or dinner menu.?

        1. re: amandarayn

          The owner is not the chef. He wanders around (and knows most of ther patrons).
          I usually just go for the steak - don't recall ever going for lunch - not sure they open then - there's a 'diner' version downstairs that serves lunch (and early dinners until about 7:30).
          I think the only other thing I eat there is the liver & bacon.
          I've tried the breakfast (downstairs) - it's competent but certainly qualifies as 'greasy'.
          All-in-all a solid, reliable place and fair prices. But not really
          'fine dining'.
          But the service there is FAR better than at Didier's - but that's another story!

        2. re: estufarian

          Won't close because his son will (has) taken over. My father took me here once and I still can't believe I ate in there. I have to admit though that it was delicious. Verrrry old school.

        3. I live in the area and have dined there a few times. Definitely not for Valentine's day! Seniors is old and run down, offering mediocre steaks. Tasty rice pudding though.
          If your BF is looking for a place in the area suitable for Valentine's try Didier or Cava.

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          1. re: snoopy12

            sounds like the decor compliments the name of the steakhouse, old..they might need a bit of a facelift

          2. thanks for all your suggestions, i just heard that they have tasty and reasonably priced steaks, but if its not that nice for valentines day then we may not go, but maybe on other ocassions. Their name sounds pretty classy and as i hear they have been there for a long time.. Does anyone know of better steakhouses in that area.

            1. Haven't been for years but have to agree with others that Senior's is not a Valentine's dinner destination.

              I don't think there are any other steakhouses in the area. The only place I can think of near there that's Valentine-worthy is Didier's. They don't have steak but there's boeuf bourguignonne on the special Valentine's menu -

              1496 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T1Z6, CA

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              1. re: JamieK

                thanks, we will give didier's a try.

                1. re: amandarayn

                  they are definitely tasty steaks and not in any sense "mediocre" as alleged above. Eddy, his wife and son provide warm hospitality and good value which is why you do not see a largely male steak-house crowd, but in fact lots of couples, lots of large parties, many of fairly young people - it is a real neighbourhood joint, and I prefer it any day to the pretentions of many other spots. Valentine's Day ? probably not, though the two pleasantly private-feeling tables for two each with a window overlooking Pleasant Blvd have been the scene for more than one engagement !

                  1. re: amandarayn

                    I can think of a few truck stops I would go to before Seniors for Valentines Day.

                    The difference between Seniors and Didier couldn't be more stark in style and price!

                    If you want a steak house at Seniors prices go to the Keg.

                    I would choose Didier but you will certainly pay a lot more.