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Feb 10, 2009 02:32 PM

Just Desserts [MSP]

So after spending 4 years in Boston, I know little of Msp/St. Paul eateries, in spite of having grown up here. I am looking for a place that specializes JUST in dessert. For those of you who know the Boston/Cambridge area, I'm searching for a restaurant that is analogous to "Finales" (one in Harvard Square another in Boston). Is there such a place?

For the non-Bay Staters, looking for a place that has a menu comprised of about 80% desserts and 20% food with an extensive port, wine, beer, and dessert/after dinner cocktails.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Welcome back to MSP.
    Two spots approximate what you seek.

    In St. Paul, visit Cafe Latte on Victoria & Grand Aves. Desserts are their feature and they do have a wine bar. Plus coffee and other good food.

    In Minneapolis, try Zeno Cafe on Lagoon & Hennepin Aves. Their wine list also includes ports, dessert wines, whiskeys, cognacs/brandies and liqueurs. I can't vouch for their desserts, however.

    Cafe Latte
    850 Grand Ave Ste 1, Saint Paul, MN 55105

    Zeno Cafe
    2919 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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    1. re: KTFoley

      KTFoley has hit on the main places that come to my mind. In my opinion, both Cafe Latte and Zeno are too ooey-gooey for my taste, with most desserts focusing on sweetness rather than flavor. Another possible place to check out is Turtle Bakery, although they won't have the drinks.

      1. re: bob s

        Another option is French Meadow Bakery in Minneapolis. They will have wine, but no cocktails. I'm unsure about port or beer.

    2. I agree with KTFoley. Another place to try is Bread & Chocolate, it is across the street from Cafe Latte and it is owed by them as well. They are more of a breakfast/lunch place that offers great cookies, bars and pasteries. You can also get a great coffee drink from there too.

      1. Crema Cafe. It's ice cream intensive, but they have other desserts, too. In the summer, it's hard to beat the patio.

        1. Though there are "just dessert" places here, I don't think any of them are where you'll find the best desserts in town. After going to Chikalicious in East VIllage NYC, I've been longing for a really incredible only dessert bar here and I'm crossing my fingers that it will happen someday.

          If you want desserts and an extensive cocktail list, try Bradstreet Craftshouse. Their dessert there is incredible (best chocolate torte I've ever met with an amazing black sesame ice cream...and i've heard the moscato gelee is very good too). The Strip Club also has an extensive drink selection and phenomenal seasonal desserts. I've been blown away by all of them. I'm not sure if you can get desserts at the Lounge at La Belle Vie, but it would be worth a shot because their desserts are fabulous and so are their cocktails.