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Feb 10, 2009 02:32 PM

What to do with leftover duck?

The boyfriend and I got a whole, 5-pound duck from the farmer's market on Sunday and roasted it. Delicious ... but there is a lot left. What are some entrees I can make with carved-up/shredded bits of leftover duck meat? We already made duck quesadillas, which were just eh. The lighter the better - it's too balmy here in Austin, Texas for any hearty stews or gumbos.

Any ideas?

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  1. Thai curry! Make red curry with coconut milk, add shredded or chopped duck, maybe some sweet potato chunks, and some pineapple. Maybe a few Thai eggplants -- deeeeeelicious.

    1. One of my local favorite places is a diner. They make duck hash!

      1. HASH, absolutely kattyeys
        I do a asian stir fry too, Also made a light broth with some simple scallions and mushrooms and the duck.
        It is also good in a casserole made with some butternut squash, onion and some potato, some cream and veggies.

        1. Here's a thread where someone was looking for topping for duck confit sliders. I thought it sounded so cool! Even if not confit, just duck. I've looked at the grocery and there are some small rolls that could be used since I don't know where one would find small buns.

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            I ask my bakery to make small burger buns and they do. A lot of stores will, just ask them. They charge a bit more, but well worth it and not expensive at all.

          2. Hm, Asian flavors sound good ... maybe I'll go with the soup idea. Though I know my boyfriend will INSIST on making sliders if he hears that idea.

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              Saute it with 5 spice powder, a little szechuan peppercorn, ginger, scallions. Serve it with noodles. If you wanna get fancy, add some jasmine green tea to the noodle cooking water, or the stir-fry, or both. Yum.