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What to do with leftover duck?

The boyfriend and I got a whole, 5-pound duck from the farmer's market on Sunday and roasted it. Delicious ... but there is a lot left. What are some entrees I can make with carved-up/shredded bits of leftover duck meat? We already made duck quesadillas, which were just eh. The lighter the better - it's too balmy here in Austin, Texas for any hearty stews or gumbos.

Any ideas?

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  1. Thai curry! Make red curry with coconut milk, add shredded or chopped duck, maybe some sweet potato chunks, and some pineapple. Maybe a few Thai eggplants -- deeeeeelicious.

    1. One of my local favorite places is a diner. They make duck hash!

      1. HASH, absolutely kattyeys
        I do a asian stir fry too, Also made a light broth with some simple scallions and mushrooms and the duck.
        It is also good in a casserole made with some butternut squash, onion and some potato, some cream and veggies.

        1. Here's a thread where someone was looking for topping for duck confit sliders. I thought it sounded so cool! Even if not confit, just duck. I've looked at the grocery and there are some small rolls that could be used since I don't know where one would find small buns.


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            I ask my bakery to make small burger buns and they do. A lot of stores will, just ask them. They charge a bit more, but well worth it and not expensive at all.

          2. Hm, Asian flavors sound good ... maybe I'll go with the soup idea. Though I know my boyfriend will INSIST on making sliders if he hears that idea.

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              Saute it with 5 spice powder, a little szechuan peppercorn, ginger, scallions. Serve it with noodles. If you wanna get fancy, add some jasmine green tea to the noodle cooking water, or the stir-fry, or both. Yum.

            2. there can be duck leftover???????????????? never heard of such a thing.

              duck hash. duck omlette.

              1. Duck congee!

                Pick most of the meat off the bones and reserve. Simmer the carcass for a good long time to make duck broth. Cook rice in a lot of broth (1:10 or so) until it makes a porridge. Top with duck meat, scalliions, and sesame oil. Doesn't get much better than that.

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                  That sounds amazing. I've eaten congee but never made it. I'm ready. BTW, alan, finally got some more snow and more predicted tonight and tomorrow. You may get water next summer after all.

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                    Congee or jook, as I call it, is the easiest thing in the world to make.

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                    Read my mind....have a whole duck (minus the skin--Peking Duck) in my freezer waiting to make some duck jook.

                  3. Try a "PB &J" sandwich a la Bayona in N.O. A blend of cashew and peanut butters, bits of duck and a pepper jelly all grilled on good crusty bread. Too good for words! Adam

                    1. If salad sounds good you could try a "Chinese Chicken Salad" substituting duck. I would barely warm the duck just to take the cold off so the flavor is bigger. I like duck with the sesame oil and acid components. If you left any skin behind you could re-crisp it to use as part of the crunch factor in the salad.

                      1. 2nd congee. Duck fried rice.

                        1. I love a lot of the suggestions here! If you do want something lighter , you can do the lettuce cup dish. Just dice up the duck meat, and for a warm entree you can stir fry it with some vegetables and pepper and serve it with lettuce "cups" to wrap the stir fry as filling.

                          If you want to cold entree (or appetizer), mix the duck meat with some vegetables or fruits like apple / pear dices, beans or nuts (peanuts or cashews), or even edamae - just anything you like to put in a chicken salad you can pretty much put it in. Again, served with lettuce cups and wrap the salad in it to eat.

                          1. Modified Peking duck. Shred some meat and serve with hoisin and scallion and cucumber. Make the crepes if you are feeling adventurous or just serve with flour tortillas.

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                            1. my absolute favorite way with duck: thai spicy duck salad. oh man, it is fantastic -- though it'll scorch your mouth with the spice/chile heat.

                              Yam Ped- Yang: tender slices of roasted duck, tomatoes, onion, and thai herbs and spices together with spicy lime dressing -- here's a recipe that looks close to what i've had -- and loved: http://www.manic.com.sg/recipes/duck....

                              or try this recipe for thai salad using minced duck: "larb"
                              serve in butter lettuce cups.

                              1. Duck Soup! I just had that 'problem' last week! Except mine was a 6-lb duck (probably from the same farmer's market, incidentally - was it Sebastian, who also sells the feral hog?).

                                Anyway, I made soup - boiled up the bones with meat attached for a couple hours for the stock, which also made it much easier to get all the meat off the bones later, also. Chopped up the remaining meat, added onions, celery, (would have put carrots in if I'd had any) parsley, and a small amount of rice (always use less than you think you'll need, because it soaks up so much liquid - I used a quarter-cup for a large pot of soup) and some lentils; boil until the lentils are soft. My GF said it was the best soup she's ever had.

                                And I hope you saved the fat from roasting the duck - best stuff in the world for cooking potatoes and lots of other things in. I ended up with a full pint of it.

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                                1. I recently had some left-over roasted duck and made "Moo Shoo" Duck. Made some Moo shoo pancakes [good but time consuming], warmed up the duck in some duck stock, served with sliced cucumbers, napa cabbage, scallions and hoisin sauce. Absolutely delicious.

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                                    What.....no egg or cloud ears?...Sorry for stealing your idea....so I will second your suggestion....

                                    I did not make it this far down before I posted.

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                                      or "golden needles" (dried lily buds....). http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/driedlil...

                                      signed, moo-shoo fan

                                  2. Duck Gumbo! Serve it with quackers.

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                                    1. I recently had some leftover duck from cassoulet, and made sandwiches out of it.

                                      I chopped up the duck meat, mixed in some mayo and herbes de provence, salt and pepper, and served on multi-grain bread. It was a great late-night snack!

                                      1. Make a panini on a good whole grain bread, apple and pear slices, some cranberry jelly or a cherry preserves, gruyere cheese and some arugula. I would butter the outside and grill until nice and brown. Easy quick sandwich. Serve with a nice creamy tomato bisque or a creamy soup of your choice. Great easy mid week dinner. There are so many soups creamed or not you can make in no time.

                                        1. Lots of great ideas here, however......

                                          While picking over the carcass today, after roasting a duck last week, I tasted the cold duck, and find I much prefer it to the original, freshly roasted duck. There wasn't enough for an actual meal but I didn't want to waste it, so...

                                          I just put the pieces on a bun coated with mayo, added some salt and pepper, and ate as is. I thought it was fantastic!

                                          1. An Argentine recipe, Escabeche de Pato: Slice 2 onions thin and place in baking dish. Arrange on top of the onion the meat of a duck. Cover with 2 more onions sliced thin, 2 cloves garlic, 2 sweet red peppers sliced, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, 1 stalk celery, 4 bay leaves, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup white wine, 1 cup olive oil, 2 tsp salt, and 1/2 tsp pepper. Optional: note card says "May also add tomato". Cover and bake very slowly for 2 hours. Serve cold.