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Feb 10, 2009 02:26 PM

to go with lobster risotto

we know we want lobster risotto for v-day, but stumped on a corresponding main dish... since the risotto is so rich and earthy its hard to think of a balancing entree. maybe we should go with small plates--any suggestions for tapas style romantic dishes?

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  1. Personally I wouldn't want a main with that, traditional or not. A nice somewhat-bitter greens salad to follow would suit me.

    1. I agree with DGresh, although I might add some carpaccio to make a little decadent surf and turf.

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        agree with Lenox637- that sounds terrific
        Whenever discussions of the traditional italian sequence comes up I think back to my honeymoon, when DH and I, newly employed and saving desperately for our first house (and with the dollar terrible vs the Italian lira) went to a fancy restaurant with a beautiful view. The prices we discovered were "out of our range", so we decided to order one course each (and we already knew it would really be enough food). So I ordered a first, and my new husband ordered a second. And we were served them in sequence. So I ate alone, and he ate alone. I guess that taught us a lesson!

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          Agree w/ DGresh and Lenox.
          Carpaccio, lobster risotto and a simple lemony, a little bit bitter green salad and I almost don't even need dessert.

      2. Seared scallops in a over sauteeds spinach, just go easy on the number and size of scallops as your risotto is heavy...maybe two scallops over a bed over a handfuls of spinach.

        1. Agreed with below. I would some nice sauteed greens and maybe some additional ingredients in the risotta, scallions, some good dried mushrooms and maybe a good stuffed bread instead. I like to take a small baguette cut in lengthwise and stuff.

          I hollow it out a little, make half the bread or 1/3 for just 2 people and then lightly grill or broil just to brown. I saute with grilled mushrooms and onions and swiss, gruyere and carmelized onions, fresh tomato and fresh mozz and basil, fresh pesto and parm and mozz. Any combo, top the bread wrap in foil and bake. Slice and it is georgous. I also make great baguettes with fresh diced tomatoes, garlic and some fresh cheese lightly grilled too. Any combo I like with a risotto.

          I like who mentioned greens, she said a salad. I would like some sauteed greens or even perhaps adding the greens to the risotto. A nice salad also would be very good. Just depends what your taste is.

          I don't think a main course is needed. But that is just me.

          1. I roast some tomatoes and olives and onions and puree lightly for a paste. This makes a great spread over toasted bruschetta. They make a nice match with a risotta, salad or seafood dish.

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              Is the paste then used warm or room temp? Sounds yummy.

              1. re: c oliver

                Done it both ways, warm and room temp, You can always add some melted cheese too, but I like it plain. Just easy , add some herbs, I like some basil and maybe a little parsley and a little garlic not too much, just puree but not completely, like some texture. You can always reheat just a bit or serve right after you make it. Just an easy simple TOAST! I do it for parties a lot, people love it and it can be warm, room temp or col, still good.

                FYI, I use this for a spread on paninis, easy with some roast turkey or good ham and some of your favorite cheese, melt, flatten with (I use a heavy pan) and instant panini, one of the best. Add a little fresh arugula and can't get much better.