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Feb 10, 2009 01:48 PM

whats your fave beef tenderloin recipe?

I am attempting to do beef tenderloin for 2 of us on V-day. Do you have any fave recipes you have used?

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  1. I use three different ones.

    1. Individual Beef Wellingtons - 6oz. tenderloin seared, mushroom duxelles and foie gras wrapped in pastry and baked.
    2. Individual portions with bacon wrapped around the side and seared.
    3. Tenderloin stuffed with a combination of cooked bacon, minced garlic, chopped fresh basil, bread crumbs and horseradish cream and wrapped in bacon and roasted.

    1. Beef tenderloin, butterflied and then stuffed with lobster, then rolled and tied , seared, then finished in the oven, cut pinwheel style, served with bernaise sauce and truflfe risotto and parmesan roasted aspargus as a veg.

      This is the VDAY meal, as per request from Mrs. Filet O'Fish for the last three years running even though I threw out so many other menus for her choice.

      Desert- Champagne and strawberries--straight and to the point...

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      1. re: Filet o Fish

        filet- sounds awesome. do you have a recipe for the truffle risotto? also I am a fairly inexperienced cook and would like to do the stuffed tenderloin, my store has lobster tails on sale would that cut of lobster work?

        also how many lbs of tenderloin do you reccomend? can a butcher butterfly the emat for me?

        1. re: drewb123

          If you're inexperienced, you're going to have a bit of a rough time cooking lobster stuffed tenderloin and truffle risotto. First, you almost certainly won't even be able to find truffles (unless you have a very high-end grocer near you) and the risotto, while not necessarily hard to do, requires some basic kitchen knowledge. The cost will be quite high too. The truffles themselves will cost more than all the other ingredients involved in the dinner combined, and potentially ruining beef tenderloin, lobster and truffles is a mighty expensive risk for an "inexperienced cook."

          My suggestion is grill or pan saute a couple of tenderloin steaks and serve it with a salad and a vegetable side or 2. Maybe mushrooms sauteed in the same pan as the steaks and a baked sweet potato.

          The last thing you want to do is cook an over-complicated menu, make a mess, and ruin your ingredients. The thought of you cooking dinner is far outweighed by the elite ingredients.

          1. re: HaagenDazs

            maybe I shouldn't have called myself inexperienced, I can definetley cook just not professionally, I know I can do more than a baked sweet potatoe. I wouldnt have used real truffles, prob white truffle oil to top the risotto with.

            I use alot of recipes on and others... But I am lookming for recipes to make beef tenderloin maybe alongside lobster tails not stuffed? I just spoke to my butcher and he mentioned it could dry the meat out.

            So any ideas?

            1. re: drewb123

              Your butcher is absolutely correct about the meat. I would suggest following your idea of lobster and steak separately. I think that the idea of a rolled, stuffed tenderloin with lobster is nice and fancy sounding, but it's a little weird to say the least. Neither of those ingredients cooks at the same temperature or especially ANYWHERE near the same degree of done-ness. At some point, something will be over cooked or undercooked.

              So now that you know how to cook, ;-) I would caution against the use of truffle oil. There are cheap versions out there that contain no truffles at all, only chemicals that mimic the flavor of truffles. Real truffle oil, the kind that's worth buying, is still very expensive. Especially white truffle oil. My suggestion is buy some fresh mushrooms and cook the risotto that way. A mix of "wild" mushrooms would be good of course.

              And after all that I'm still of the opinion that you should keep it simple. What you're doing here is a surf and turf style dinner and you're going to be cooking 2 main dishes (lobster and filet) at once. Add to that a simmering risotto and you've already got your hands full.

              1. re: HaagenDazs

                I appreciate your help. I have the time to cook so it's no worries on that end.

                So once again if I just buy the filet mignon steaks how would you prepare it in a lil diff of way than normal? dress it up so to speak.

                My husband does not eat horseradish so anthing besides that.

                Also any appetizer in mind that plates well? as far as look wise.

                I am finishing it all off with choc fondue.

                1. re: drewb123

                  I wouldn't do too much to them actually. If you're going to dress them up you could always top them with crab meat for steak oscar. That would at least somewhat jive with the lobster. If that doesn't work for you, how about a simple Bearnaise or Hollandaise? Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of saucing up and dressing up nice beef, but if you're going to do it then it's nice to do it with filet mignon which is pretty mild to begin with.

                  1. re: HaagenDazs

                    oooooo my hub loves oscar style... now what kind of crab meat should i use and how do I make that dish?

                    1. re: drewb123

                      I don't post step by step, specific recipes here because there are thousands upon thousands of them online just by searching through Google. I suggest finding 3 or 4 recipes that encompass the ingredients you like and that you are able to get and pick the best pieces out of the lot. Step one is to make a Bearnaise sauce though and there aren't many different ways to do that. (It's a very simple sauce)

                      For the crab you'll want lump crab meat from blue crab. It will be pricey but there are different grades available. A nice seafood market should have it available, Whole Foods will almost certainly have it as well.

                      For the "oscar-ing" part you simply top the semi-cooked steak with the sauced crab meat and toss it in the oven. Forgot, you usually add asparagus to the dish as well.

                      Here's a recipe that uses Hollandaise sauce, and you could use that, but in any situation it's a good guide on how the process works.


      2. seasoned (s and p); wrapped in bacon; seared on the stove in cast iron; finished in the oven with shallots

        whole tenderloin grilled, cooled to room temp, and served with various sauces (aioli, grainy mustard, etc.) and flavored salts

        1. I would have seconded the Beef Wellington but since you say you aren't a real experienced cook I would roast a head of garlic wrapped in aluminum foil for half an hour at 350. When it cools squeeze out the cloves and mash the cloves with 2TBL dijon mustard, lots of fresh pepper, 2 Tsp kosher salt, 3 TBL horseradish and about a tsp of thyme. After you sear the tenderloin spread the mash on the tenderloin and put in the oven on about 250 until the internal temperature gets to what your preference is.

          1. I made a tenderloin last weekend that was very popular...earlier in the day I reduced a cup of port and a cup of balsamic to about 1/4cup...finished with a little butter. Then just cook the filet the usual way, let rest, slice and drizzle with the reduction. Simple and stress-free