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Feb 10, 2009 01:48 PM

Best Everything Bagel in NYC

Hey guys-- Best Everything Bagel in NYC??

I like the salt/garlic/seeds to be applied liberally on the outside!!

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  1. We bring back 2-3 dozen everythings from Absolute Bagel when we visit from NoCal. But I will admit that part of the reason for Absolute is that it's the closest to our friends' apt. on the Upper UWS.

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    1. re: c oliver

      Absolute does indeed have excellent fresh bagels.

      2 things about the place annoy me though:

      1. The seasoning for the bagel is only on one side and not the bottom. I'm sure they cook better that way, but I know other places that season the entire bagel

      2. They don't have a kitchen, so you can't get eggs on your bagel. This is terrible in the mornings when I want a delicious bagel with sausage, egg, and cheese.

      1. re: aloew1

        AND they don't take credit cards which isn't a biggie for most. But when I run in on our last day, with no cash --- opps. Dash to the ATM and back. Worth it though. Our last two (from the trip) in August were enjoyed just yesterday.

    2. Absolute Bagels is, without question, the best!!! (And their relative proximity to Columbia is a help, too.) Not only are their "everythings" the highlight of my morning ritual, I also get to practice speaking Thai with the staff. Total win-win!

      1. uggghh. those bagels at absolute pale in comparison to the ones from long lost Columbia Bagels. I'm just a few blocks way from Absolute and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been there..

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        1. re: radioking

          Do you have any feeling about the mini bagels vs. the large ones? Because the last time I went there, I found the large ones nothing special but did like the mini bagels. I frankly don't remember Columbia Bagels. Where were they and when did they go out of business?

          1. re: Pan

            I didn't know about the mini bagels, maybe I should stop in and try one. Columbia Bagels was on the NE corner of 110th and BWay for years up until maybe 2001-2002 when the started building that hi-rise that is there now ( next to the WestSide Market , where a worker got killed one night , tragically, if I recall).

            The same folks have a spot on 44th called Times Square bagels.

            Essa is a good place, and so is Kosars. Whenever I'm in those neighborhoods I try to stop by.

            1. re: radioking

              I take it, Times Square Bagels is still around? 44th and what?

        2. Kosar's. Maybe not the very best bagel in the city, though that's gonna be subjective, but they do fine by the everything.

          1. Essa Bagel on 1st at 21st recently started making whole wheat everythings, which I haven't seen anywhere else (although I haven't been looking). And of course they're fresh and tasty.