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Feb 10, 2009 01:13 PM

Calgary Food Shopping

Been in Calgary about three months now, have discovered many of the food products we typically use, however still looking for some, such as:

1. Fresh fava beans. Do they make an appearance at any time of the tear?

2. Fresh garlic, not from China. Ivory coloured skins with purple streaks. The Chinese garlic just isn't that fresh, though it is inexpensive.

3. Veal: Not so much looking as I have found it at Co-op, in very limited cuts and quantities, but wondering why there is not a significant source. I'd have thought the past BSE issues would have caused some growth in the local veal industry.

4. Dehulled soybeans. Gotta try and make some tempeh.


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  1. Seen 1 at Lina's but not year round.

    for 4- you don't mean steamed, as in edamame? If not- can't help ya.

    1. Lina's has veal shanks sometimes too. Best bet is to find a good butcher.

      1. I've seen 1. at Italian Super market as well but not year round, 2. at the Currie Barrack's farmer's market but again not year round, 3. I like BonTon meat market (I go to Stadium Shopping centre) or the S. African butcher on Kensington Rd. NW between 20th and 21st Streets on the north side, 4... no clue, sorry.

        1. 1. Fresh fava beans were at farmer's market only in season, about June, July, August
          2. Garlic at the farmer's market in season, ie summer
          3. Veal at Sunterra, Lina's, MacEwans Meats, Bon Ton Market, Crossroads Market (can't remember the name of the meat shop but there is only one or two) or any good butcher

          1. 4. Superstore organic aisle in frozen section. Also have seen them at T & T.