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Feb 10, 2009 01:02 PM

Mom's Night Out - UES

Our grade is planning our annual "Mom's Night Out". We are limited to $45/pp, and we get a better turnout when the event is held on the UES. The $45 should include appetizer, main course, dessert, one glass of wine, tax and tip. We'd pay separately for the extra drinks. Even better would be a restaurant that allowed us to BYO.

Any ideas?

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  1. Cipolla Rossa, either on 61st or 91st, both on First Ave. BYO. Great food. 91st is small, 61st st location may be a bit larger, but you can call for reservations at both (you didn't mention how many people or what day of the week). You won't be disappointed.

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      We're guessing we'll have 20 or so people on a Thursday. I checked the web but only saw the 91st street location - where is the one on 61st? Thanks!.

      1. re: skaukatt

        I would also recommend Uva wine bar. They have a private room downstairs. I'm sure they would be willing to work with you. They are very accommodating.

      2. re: esyle

        The class rep called them and they are able to do something within our budget.. Uva also sounded good, not sure how the negotiations are going there. Thanks to everyone for your help! I'll le you know where we end up.