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Feb 10, 2009 12:36 PM

Looking for a Fishmonger in South Jersey

I am looking for a good place to buy fish in South Jersey. I have been getting them at Whole Foods in Marlton, but I am not overly impressed with their selection and would like to branch out a bit. I live in Gloucester County and I am in easy driving distance of Atlantic City, Philly, Ocean City and anywhere in Camden, or Burlington counties. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I know what you mean; same old selection most of the time. If you're willing to go into the city, try Ippolitos in S Philly. In NJ, Wegmans has a nice selection, probably similar to what you find at WF. My SIL's Italian mother used to swear by the fishmonger at the Columbus Flea Market on 206, and she was really picky. I heard their prices are excellent along with the selection, but I never have stopped there. Might be worth a trip up the road. They have some good produce vendors at the flea market and Ashe's sells plants there very well priced. I don't bother with any of the other vendors at the flea market, so I can't comment on them.

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      I am more than willing to go into Philly, will have to check out Ippolitos. Thanks for the tip.

    2. We're in the same boat since Laurel Seafood in Clementon closed. It was out go to place when we wanted seafood. I can second that Wegmans is worth a look. We had been buying frozen Talapia there. Another place to visit is Reading Terminal Market in Philly. (Tried some 'Vietnamese catfish, would rather have real, but they did seem to have a large selection) Check the RTM web site for info on discounted parking.

      Two places I found on Google but haven't had a chance to visit yet are CJ Bok Seafood Houseā€Ž in Clementon and Johns Seafood in Paulsboro. I have also heard good things about Ippolitos in Philly. If you have the room check out Samuels & Son Seafood Co. They are the wholesaler behind Ippolitos (family) but I understand they will sell to the general public. I believe they also provide seafood for Shop Rite. They have a rather extensive selection of their web site. We are planning to pay them a visit for shrimp at some point. Lately, we have been buying shrimp at BJ's (16-20s, shelled, deveined, raw) for cooking and Sams club (21 - ??, shelled, deveined, cooked) for shrimp salad.

      Google Maps is our friend here - try typing 'seafood near' and the zip code or location of your choice. same for 'retail fish near... ' I do this every once in a while to see if anything new opened. Keep in mind 'retail fish near...' will also display pet stores. Put a cooler with some ice packs in the car when you take those long trips just in case traffic delays your ride home.

      1. Haddonfield Shellfish on Grove St in Haddonfield has awesome fresh seafood! Worth the trip to check them's cool inside too. My mom goes there all the time and she lives really close to Wegmans in Cherry Hill. Here is a link to site with their info:

        Also, last I heard the Fishmonger at the Columbus Market sold out to someone else and it's not open yet. I am going to call there today just to check though because we live in the Bordentown area and that would be great for us.

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          I go to the Haddonfield Shellfish and have been going for years, usually at least once per week. I didn't suggest it because the OP wanted a wider range of selection, which HS does not offer. Their selection is far more limited than WF. I will tell you that the freshest fish they have is on a Tuesday/Wed, since they are closed on Monday. You will see them unpacking directly from the trucks on Tuesday, so you know it's fresh. Prices are similar to Wegmans/WF.

        2. Try checking out your local large Asian stores. There are 2 in Cherry Hill, the H Mart and Asian Market at the Barclay center. Don't be intimidated by the language barrier. Use the tongs to point out the fish you want then look at the menu above the fish. #1 might be clean and behead fish. #2 might be just scale the fish...etc. So point at the red snapper you want and say #2 please. Shrimp is generally cheaper there too.

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            I go to the H Mart quite frequently for Asian cooking supplies, and I sometimes get shrimp or butterfish there. While I like H Mart, sometimes I find their fish are not as fresh as I would like them to be.

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              I get shrimp at H Mart pretty often as well. I also get salmon there, but other fish I have purchased there wasn't as fresh as I would have liked.
              I know this is way out of the way, but last week I went to a fish store in Point Pleasant and bought scallops, flounder and some small lobster tails. I froze it all when I got home and have been eating it nightly. The flounder was unbelievably fresh, with absolutely no odor, as were the lobster tails. The scallops were day boat, and I just had them last night. The store also had fresh ahi, which looked beautiful, for $6 per pound. The store was right on the dock, and they probably just caught the flounder that morning. I cannot remember the name of the store, but it was not Spikes. There are a few fish stores right on the docks in PP, and maybe if you want to take a day trip, it might be worth bringing a cooler and spending the day in the area on the weekend. No kidding, this flounder was just delicious and totally fresh.
              You could probably go up to Barnegat Light on LBI and find some great fish up there as well.

          2. If you still go to Whole Foods for other stuff, check Bob's Seafood in Marlton, just south of the circle on Rt 73 (northbound side). I haven't been there in a year or so, but was always pleased with them.

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              I think I heard that Bob's had closed. Maybe someone else could confirm?

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                I just called-- their phone has been disconnected.