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Feb 10, 2009 12:14 PM

Where can i find frozen garlic cubes in the albany area?

the closest trader joes is over 100 miles. does anyone else carry this product in the tristate region along with the other items from the same same company?

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    1. re: demifast

      I use the garlic all the time. And I loved the ginger but can't find it anymore for some reason.

      1. re: valerie

        Just curious - why would you use frozen garlic and not fresh? Is it for a particular recipe?

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          Love garlic but don't like the smell on my hands.

      1. re: chowdom

        Is there a Costco in the Albany area? Was under the impression that the nearest one is as far away as Trader Joe's.

        1. re: LJNew

          I have no idea if there is a Costco in the Albany area. I was responding to the request for "garlic qubes in the tri state region", but aparently you already know the answer to your question.

          1. re: chowdom

            No Costco or Trader Joe's; closest TJ's is Hadley, MA and the closest Costco is Springfield, MA. We are trying to get a Trader Joe's in the Capital District. I assume the frozen garlic cubes are similar to Trader Joe's frozen chopped basil and cilantro? I haven't seen any of those here, but I'll keep an eye out. I use the cilantro often since we live in a remote area and it works great in a pinch when I'm out and not able to make it to the grocery store.

            1. re: skipjack01

              yes,they are from the same manufacturer. i know abut the push to get traders opened in the capital region. i seem to recall hearing the 2 biggest supermarkets in the area; price chopper and hannafords, are not too keen on the idea so it may never happen.

      2. Check with Paul at Al-Baraki on Lark St. He sells his fabulous garlic paste and recently showed me some frozen garlic that he's planning on selling as well.

        1. Still unclear as to the purpose of a frozen cube of me please.

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          1. re: jspear

            This is a convenience item for cooking. The original poster likes garlic, but not the lingering odor on his/her hands. Frozen garlic (and other herbs, like basil, parsley, etc.) are sold in small, 1 tsp cubes that are handy for adding flavor when the fresh is not readily available. Not unlike garlic in a tube, but fresher.

            I keep some on hand for adding to homemade soups, etc. - ours is a small household and a bunch of parley or cilantro, etc. often goes to waste if I don't cook regularly during a busy week. I've not tried, but have wondered if I could make my own frozen cubes with a small ice cube tray, some herbs whirred through the food processor and a bit of water/broth...

            The garlic paste above sounds yummy.