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Feb 10, 2009 12:12 PM

Best French Dip Sandwich in CT

My wife and I are big fans of the French Dip sandwich. Looking for opinions from Hounds on the best French Dip in Connecticut. We had heard that the French Dip at J Timothy's in Plainville was good but we found it way too salty. Help!

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  1. I think the Corner Pug in West Hartford has an excellent French Dip sandwich. They serve it with what they call cross cut fries, which is like a waffle fry.

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      Thanks hotwing. We'll give it a try. Any other suggestions out there?

    2. I'm so glad you mentioned J. Tims as a bunch of us were there for wings recently with one non-wing fan who got (and loved) the French Dip. The next time I went to J. Tims I considered the French Dip (it looked good, my friend did say it was good) but I again went with wings.
      By the way, don't order the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread at J. Tims....though the waitress gave me the old "great choice" when I ordered it, it was super lame, barely flavorful from both a Chicken and a buffalo sauce perspective.

      1. The French Dip at Baci Grill in Cromwell is very good. Give it a try!

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          Thanks....look forward to trying it....

        2. I've always liked the French dip at Chris's American Restaurant in Brookfield. Served on a crusty, garlic roll with Swiss and sauteed onions, bias sliced into 4 sections and served with an au jus that's not overly salty, it's great. The only downside is its size, which leaves you desiring more, but a 2nd order would be out of the question unless you were desperately hungry.

          1. While I won't say it's the best in Ct, I had a really good French Dip at the Hideaway in Old Lyme the other day. Nice crusty roll and and ample, though not overpowering amount of thinly sliced beef with Monterey Jack cheese. Dipping juice not salty as they usually are in my experience. Nice restaurant with a marsh view and good service. Only negative was a hostess who was a bit short on personality and found it difficult to look at her customers.

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              I like the Hideaway but haven't tried the French Dip there yet. Thanks for the tip, Scargoe.

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                I'll agree that the service at the Hideaway can be lacking, but they do make a good French dip!