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Feb 10, 2009 11:40 AM

Meeting a friend from WeHo for dinner

Driving from Getty Villa- any suggestions for a good place to meet for dinner somewhere in between? Really good food, quiet, not too expensive- we love Japanese, or maybe some special Thai or Korean, or we wanted to try really good Mexican (we are from Boston). But definitely something nicer than a basic taco place. Something special to LA - that we do not have on East coast, but where traffic will be palatable

thanks a bunch!

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  1. Try Tuk - Tuk Thai on Pico at Robertson = very clean, quiet, reasonably priced, and delicious.

    Another idea is Frida on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. Upscale mexican, quiet, def not a scene.

    For authentic mex I'm gonna say El Compadre on Sunset Strip in Weho. Very inexpensive. The tacos rock!

    1. If you're looking to meet mid-way between Malibu and West Hollywood, you probably are looking at West LA, Brentwood, possibly even Santa Monica as neighborhoods. You could try meeting on Sawtelle in West LA, which has a number of very moderately priced places, mostly Japanese, including the excellent Hide Sushi. They also have Japanese curry houses, which you may not have in Boston.

      In terms of more specific recommendations, try Hide Sushi in West LA, (moderate prices) or Takao in Brentwood (pricier but worth it). For Mexican, try La Serenata di Garibaldi (moderate) or Border Grill (pricier) or even Guelaguetza (shockingly cheap).

      There isn't much in the way of Korean on the Westside. Tofu-Ya (on Sawtelle and across from Hide Sushi) specializes in soon dubu and is decent.